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Kiko was our first Spanish Water Dog, and what a start.  He is wonderful in every way.  He lives to work and please and is so good at teaching our other dogs how to work and behave.  He excels at Flyball, Agility and came 3rd overall in the 2006 world working championships in Spain, being world champion on the ladders. In 2007 he was placed 5th.  He was also the first ever World Herding Champion in the first ever world herding championships held at Algar, Spain in 2006.  Above all Kiko is a gentleman and a pleasure to live with.  The true cheeky Charlie of our gang.

Ruben is Kiko’s brother and is owned by Ben, who works at Flyball with him. Again Ruben is a gentleman, who prefers the finer things in life.  In November 2007 he and Ben gained their Fyball Silver award.  Ruben takes great pleasure in keeping my mum and dad company, and is super around children.  He has attained his Good Citizen’s bronze and silver awards and is ready to take his Gold KC Good Citizen’s award.



Jenny’s little black treasure who is settling in well after his first home did not work out. He is just like Calamity James, and makes us laugh all the time with his comical antics. He is doing very well at obedience and starting to learn how to do flyball.

At the moment Luccas is in Spain fulfilling his dream of becoming a true Goat herding dog.  We are so proud of him.

Neus is very special and was given to Ben by Antonio back in 2005.  Neus is a little bitch from the Marismeno line and lives for balls and work.  She is never happier than when she is swimming, searching and retrieving.  She can do all 7 Spanish working tests and was placed 3rd in 2005, and at the age of nearly 8 was placed 3rd in the world at searching in 2007, on the podium behind her world champion daughter Vida.  Neus is full of fire and energy but has a very loving nature.  We are so glad Antonio Garcia Perez let her come to us.



Our latest import and he is one very confident young chap. We hope that he will follow in his parents footsteps. His sire is Gordo the 2005 Spanish Working Champion, and his dam Neus was placed third in 2004. This little chap just oozes character and confidence and I am really looking forward to training him when he comes out of quarantine in January 2006.

Vida was bred by us and is a bitch to treasure.  She is very clever and loves to work like her mum Neus.  She has to be good at everything she does, and excels at agility.  She can perform all 7 Spanish working tests, and in the 2007 Championships came 7th at only 21 months old, even managing to be 2007 World Searching Champion. She can herd cattle, goats and sheep, and will be competing at the 2008 World Herding Championships in Algar, Spain, She is in training for her stage 1 and 2 Gundog Club certificates, and about to start Flyball training. She can certainly keep Kiko on his toes.  She has done well in the Spanish Monographic, coming 3rd in the intermediate class in the 2007 Monographic in Malaga, Spain, and has been placed 1st in a Championship show at Kelso.  A true all rounder and so loyal.


Spanish Champion
Chavetone De Ubrique.
Owned by Antonio Garcia Perez and entrusted to us to look after here in England . She has one of the best temperaments we have seen, she is a Spanish Show champion who can complete all of the working tests. Everyone who has the fortune to meet her just falls in love with her. We are so proud to have her with us.


Novita is a little darling who loves people nearly as much as his tennis balls.  He comes to life when he sees a stick or a ball.  Antonio has let us have Novita to promote the breed here in the UK, and he was a top winning SWD in Spain 2006, winning 5 CAC’S, 2 CACIB’S many group 8 wins and Best in Show Absolute on 2 occasions.  He needs 1 win in the Madrid area to become a Spanish Champion which we are going to do our best to achieve and then our target is to make him up into a true International Champion, and to complete all 7 working tests in the world working championships in Spain.  Novita just lights the place up with his sunny nature.

Chanquete or Quete as we know him is our new kid on the block, and what a working super star he is promising to be.  He has a stunningly soft nature and is so gentle, but when he is asked to work he explodes into a very powerful and determined dog.  He is fearless, and will challenge Kiko and Vida’s working ability to the limit.  He is already doing very well at agility, is training for flyball, and is excellent in the water especially at diving. At 50cms high and 22 kilos, he is at the top of the breed standard, but we can not wait to promote him in showrings all around Europe.  His father is Gordo 2005 Spanish Working Champion, and his mother is Spanish Show Champion Ranchoturcah De Ubrique.  He will also be competing in the Spanish Working Tests in 2008 onwards.


Rubia is a Spanish show champion with a nature and temperament to die for. She is adorable and full of love, but does have her mad half hours!  Again she loves to work in the water, to retrieve, and has just started flyball training.  She is here in the UK to promote her breed, and we feel so proud when people who meet her just fall for her charms.  She has settled perfectly and it feels like she has been here for ever.

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