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The Perro De Agua Espanol is a complex character that just loves to please, but will if you let it walk all over you. They are very intelligent indeed but this also means that they learn very quickly the bad things too. As long as you are firm and show them who is boss you will all get on fine. They will bond with one person in particular but still love all the family.

These dogs have a strong guarding instinct and will soon tell you if a stranger is near but once they know the visitor is a friend they will accept them without any fuss. They are very loyal and loving and will never be far from your side.

The Perro de Agua Espanol are very active and are most happy when doing things like searching, retrieving and using their brain, they love and need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation whatever the weather! We feel that they are more suited to an active loving home.

The bond that you and your dog make will bring you many years of happiness and joy but please remember to start as you mean to go on.

Some dogs are more reserved than others and early socialisation is very important to overcome this.

A living reality Picture

The Perro De Agua Espanol is a very old breed that was used in the Southern Iberian Peninsula as a herding dog and we have written confirmation of this dated 1,110. It was later used on the north and south coast to assist the fishermen and sailers

It is a very old and rustic breed that never tires of working for man in all types of terrain

The breed was recovered from the unknown by Antonio Garcia Perez who is considered the Farther of the Breed, Antonio who is a grandson of shepherds, ecologist and English language teacher is the author of the official breed standard. He tirelessly promotes the breed all over Spain and the world and has done this for the last twenty five years with the help of his devoted family. He features in many books

and videos published around the world and has recently appeared with his daughter Anai on a mainstream TV channel in Spain .

Approximately 95% of all pedigree Perro De Aguas will have roots back to his Kennel ‘DE UBRIQUE’

Right now he passionately promotes the breed as it t should be and is President of the ‘La Asociacion Espanola De Perro Del Agua Espano. He loves anything Spanish and is a specialist judge of other Spanish breeds.

Antonio does not sit at his computer day and night because as he says ‘his free time is spent playing with his dogs’ He like us will not speak with his mouth but with his dogs.

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