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Our main objective is to help preserve the natural working ability and rustic appearance of the Perro De Agua Espanol. We feel very strongly that it is very important that the breed does NOT lose its natural working ability. It is a very old natural breed that has not been interfered with by man.

We aim to work and present our dogs in their most natural way. retaining all of their natural working abilities such as water work, herding and search work. We also aim to continue working at agility and flyball because we all enjoy these sports so much.

Any litters that we may have will be bred from good working dogs. Puppies will be bred from dogs with tighter hips proven by the Pen Hip screening system. After attending a Pen Hip seminar in Belgium, I personally feel that this is the best hip screening method available to us at the moment. This method consists of 3 X rays - the first with the hips extended, the second a compression view, and the third a distraction view. These X rays enable the dog's hip laxity or the DI (Distraction Index) to be determined. We can not get this measurement from any other screening method. Breeding from dogs with a low DI will improve the hips for our breed. We will always try to introduce new blood from Spain therefore increasing the gene pool here in England.

We will continue to work closely with Antonio Garcia Perez, top Spanish kennel owner and father of the breed, to enable us to achieve our goals.


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