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We first discovered the Perro De Agua Espanol via the internet and what a life changing adventure the dogs have proved to be. My wife Jenny and son Ben equally share my love and desire to promote and work the breed as was originally intended by the farmers and fishermen of Spain . The purpose of this website is to pass on the things that we have learnt about the breed to others who are interested to learn about them just like ourselves.

We have travelled to Spain many times in our quest to learn all we can about this mysterious hard working breed and would like to thank Antonio Garcia Perez , Paqiu his wife, and his family for their hospitality and the invaluable lessons they have given us on the Perro De Agua Espanol.

Ben has competed in the Spanish working tests at Arcos de La Frontera in Spain for the last two years and came third with a stunning hard working bitch called Neus owned by Antonio, but just given to Ben in partnership with himself this year. Antonio was amazed at how well Neus worked for a twelve year old, and promised Ben one day she would live with him. True to his word she has just arrived in England and is settling in as though she has always been with us.

We have imported dogs, driven and flown many miles in our quest to learn all we can about the breed, and will gladly share the things that we have learnt with anyone that is interested.

Nigel Egginton

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