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This is a competition held in Algar, Southern Spain, in October each year. 

Again this is a no pressure, friendly event designed to help you understand and enjoy your dog doing one of it’s oldest jobs.  The event is held at a great venue, with superb hospitality given by Pepe Goat and his many helpers.  Not all the Spanish Water Dogs herd naturally, but the ones that do have a really great time.

You have to move about 12 goats around a large field into a pen and then move them forward to another pen.  Great fun because you never know how the goats or dogs are going to react.
Kiko was the first ever World Herding Champion in 2006

Participants Algar 2007

Vida with Bartollo the Shepherd in Spain

Luccass and Jenny Algar 2006

Kiko winning the championship 2006

Vida, Miela and Lucass herding

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