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Spanish Water Dogs really enjoy doing flyball, and are a very good match for the collies.

We were proud to be members of the first ALL Spanish flyball team, the Spanish Rapidz, where we had times below 20 seconds.  We have recently moved to the Live Wires team, and race as the Spanish Wires. Nina, owned by Hazel, and Zak, owned by Sarah, have just achieved their Ice Blue Moon awards which is an incredible 20,000 points.  Ben and Ruben have just achieved their flyball Silver award (10,000 points). And Kiko is close behind. Brisa, owned by Roger, Vida , Chanquete, Rubia,  and Novita, can not wait to catch them up.

Flyball is very addictive and creates a strong team bond, so come on are you ready ready ready!!!

We strongly recommend that you have your dogs hips scored or x rayed before you take up modern dog sports

Ben and Ruben at Flyball

Ruben flyballing

Kiko on the box flyball

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