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Friday 07th October 2011 04:26:06 pm BY: Nigel
South Wales Championship show 7/10/2011
Tica, Valentisimo's Pacopilik wins Best Puppy. This was the third show Richmond, Driffield and South Wales where the Paco Pili pups Tica Valentisimo's Pacopilik and Peppi, Valentisimo's replica handbags
Pacopili at Bellamoria have taken Best Puppy in Breed. Paco came second in open and was reserve best dog under Russel Mosedale. Tica and Paco yet again did our kennel proud behaving perfectly.replica watches
Friday 07th October 2011 04:21:05 pm BY: Nigel
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Saturday 01st October 2011 11:05:45 am BY: Nigel
Driffield Championship show September 29th 2011
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A great day was had by the Pacopili pups who were out in force today at Driffield. We took Bella Valentisimo's Pacopilid and Tica valentisimo's Pacoplik while Sylvia from the Bellamoria kennel took Peppi. Valentisimo's Pacopilic. In a very strong puppy bitch class Peppi came first with Bella in her first show coming second. I had Tica in Junior and again Peppi won with Tica coming second. Peppi, Valentisimo's Pacopili at Bellamoria went on to win Best Puppy in Breed. I was so proud of them with all of them showing great character and as always bieng just a little naughty! For me character is very very important and i was so proud of all three of them showing great construction, character and all bieng full of life and energy! They have all qualified for Crufts 2012 where they hope to do there Dad Paco proud, he was BOB in 2011. Paco was second in Open and Reserve Best Dog he was on top form and i just love him. A great day with a nice people. Well done to everyone.
Saturday 01st October 2011 10:53:48 am BY: Nigel
Cuevas Del Bercerro Show and Working tests September 2011
We are told by many people that an excellent day was had and the show had 85 entries which is very good for a Monographica B (equivalent to our open show). The judge was Don Joaquin Esquina Becera and she had some very nice examples to judge. A well done to Hazel who's Rico Valentisimos's Gordvidan recieved an excellent grade but even greater things were to come when Hazel and Nina won the working tests. Well done Hazel and Nina and we know how much this means to you.
Saturday 01st October 2011 10:47:58 am BY: Nigel
Richmond Championship show September 2011
Jenny and i drove down to Guildford to enter the Richmond Championship show for the first time we took Paco and his daughter Tica replica rolex, Valentisimo's Pacopilic. It was her first show at just 6 months. It was great to see so many happy faces ( jenny, Sylvia, Ian, Dawn etc etc and many people taking an interest in the breed the atmosphere was very nice indeed. Peppi, Valentisimo's Pacopli at Bellmoria was also showing for the first time and looked stunning. The pups in no time at all were winning people over with their super characters and were a credit to Paco and Pili. As we had no puppy class we had to enter junior in which Tica came first and went on to win Best Pup in her first show! Peppi, Valentisimo's Pacopili at Bellmoria was entered in The rare breeds puppy class and went on to win Best Pup in rare replica horloges breeds also. What a day and a super start for Paco Pili pups. Dawn also had a good day with Peppilo, Valentisomo's Neuschocoa coming second in a mixed open class. Well done and good luck in the future to everyone. We again really enjoyed our time down south.
Sunday 18th September 2011 06:03:08 am BY: Nigel
Spanish Water Dog Club Show/. Birmingham National September 2011
It was the first time we had shown at this show but i have been to watch and learn at all the previous shows. We entered Norte, Valentisimo's Tuvivda, Pona, Valentisimo's Tuvidal and Paco Spanish and Swedish Champion Curioso De La Ribera Del Genil under Christina Chapman who has taken a keen interest in the breed here in the UK for a number of years. The show was well run and had over 50 entries. It was good to see so many friendly faces and also a number of other top judges taking an interest in the breed. Norte won Best male pup, Pona his sister was best puppy bitch and Paco was Best male. In the finals Pona was Best Puppy and Paco wqas reserve best in show losing out in the finals to Coco. Well done to everyone who participated and the organizers for a memorable day. After at the Birmingham National show under Sue Nicholls Ward we had a mixed day but it was great to meet the Spanish judges who were eager to see Paco clipped off and to hear they were delighted with what they saw. Paco's pups will make their debut at Richmond next week!
Sunday 18th September 2011 05:44:45 am BY: nigel
Fun times In The River At Bakewell 28.8.2011
We have just had some more great times in the river at Bakewell this weekend. We took Paco, Pona and Bella and did some lovely water retrieves and Pona even started to retrieve from under the water which impressed me. She showed a natural love of the water which impressed me. Bella just loved running around saying hello to everyone but hopefully soon she will be showing better concentration. Paco was just as crazy as ever in the water showing his daugjhter how good it was. On the Sunday i took Vida, Norte and Tica who all did very well enjoying all the fun and games. Tica excelled in the water, Norte just wanted to run around as fast as he could run!. Vida was on her best behaviour not even wanting to try and herd the cows. Does that mean she likes water work better than herding! I think so! She is such a reliable and consistant worker and her children are showing much promise both in the show ring and the world of working.
Sunday 28th August 2011 11:20:57 am BY: Nigel
World Working Championships Arcos August 2011
we decided to go to Arcos for Kete to defend his world champion status at the last minute and this proved to be the wrong decision. It was so so hot up to 47 degrees and the sudden change in temperature was just too much.
I had noticed Kete was not his usual self when we arrived but he was still doing well diving to the bottom of the pool to retrieve but he was not eating correctly and was not escaping from the kennels as usual. On the Friday night he was sat next to me and fell asleep sitting up but still wanted to work.
On the Saturday we had a relaxing day in the shade and did not do much just watching the novices and enjoying chatting with our friends about life and our breed.
When Sunday came Kete completed the first task but was way of time and then just sat down at the end of it. In all Kete's life he had never ever not wanted to work and i was worried. Ruben phoned the vet for us, who was with us in a 20 minutes and diagnosed Kete with heatstroke she immediateley put him on a drip and worked on getting his temperature up feeding him ice cream with sugur. After a few hours he was getting back to his normal mad self but was exhausted. We retired him and it was great to see Hazels's Nina do very well in the tests and especially the diving and serching and it was also great to see our friend Salvador win this year. His dog Paco was very good and well trained as you would always expect from Salavador's dogs. But for us it was fantastic to see Kete's daughter COVA handeled by Ruben come second in the 2011 World Working Championships flying the flag for Kete. A lesson has been learnt and anyone from colder climates taking their dogs to compete must allow time for the dogs to climatise. We are lucky Kete was strong and he got better. Salvador and Ruben please be aware that we will be back next year to compete so lets get training!!! and may the best dog win!! WE WANT TO SAY A BIG THANKYOU TO MARIA THE VET FOR ALL SHE DID AND ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED AND WISHED US WELL. It brought a tear to my eye when we received our trophy for the competitor that travelled the furthest because Kete got the biggest cheer of the day. Thanks again to everyone.
Saturday 27th August 2011 04:49:19 am BY: Nigel
PACO is clipped but will return soon! July 23rd 2011
Today i have clipped off Paco's beautiful coat. It was 12 months old and as per custom the coat should be clipped off totally at least once a year. i
It will then grow back stronger and cord better. Our breed should not ever be shaped with scissors as this is unfair and unsporting and unfair to other exhibitors. It is also confusing some judges. We have Spanish water Dogs that should be shown in a natural rustic way. We do not have Puli's!!
Paco will be back in the ring in the near future with his shorter coat showing of his for me Paco's perfect masculine well toned body.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 07:20:07 am BY: Nigel
Leeds Championship Show July 2011
We had decided to enter Pona for her first time and Paco into this show under Jeff Roberts. Our friend Craig and Michelle had entered Fuego and it was their first show.
Paco came 2nd and reserve best dog and Pona won her junior class and was Best Puppy. Fuego came 3rd and qualified for Crufts and now Craig and Fuego have to start training. We are sure Fuego will do well in the future.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 07:14:27 am BY: Nigel
Paco in Sweden Tvaaker International and National show, Swedish monographica
Jenny and i drove from Paris to Sweden to show Paco in the International show and the first ever official Monographica.
We could never have dreamed what was about to happen.
On the friday it was the International show
Paco won the Champions class then won Best male becoming a Swedish Champion!! and then went on to win Best Of Breed.
In the group 8 finals he went 1st in the group and then in the finals he went 3rd Best In Show. We were on cloud 9 and the noise that was generated from the stands made us feel like footballers!that night i could not sleep wondering if it was a fluke.
The next day we were nervous because we wanted to prove Paco was capable of doing it again!
We again won Champions class and then Best Male and again took Best Of Breed.
In the group 8 finals to our joy and amazement Paco won the group again. In the finals history repeated itself with Paco coming 3rd again. I simply could not believe it everyone was all so happy and Paco just loved all the attention.
Paco made history in Sweden by winning the group and never has a Spanish water Dog been placed in the finals. What an achievement. International judges from around the world were present and all complimented Paco and some said they would stay to watch him in the Monographica on the Sunday.
In the Mongraphica Paco again won Champions Class then Best dog and in the finals won a bitch who has been world winner in 2008 and 2010 to become BEST IN SHOW. Paco has now won Monagraphica's in his home country of Spain and now Sweeden.
I have to say the Swedish people made us feel so welcome, the quality of their Spanish Water Dogs is the best i have seen outside of Spain. Their country is so clean and beatiful and yes we would love to return. Thanks to everyone who made our time there so so special.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:48:55 am BY: Nigel
World Dog show, Paris 2011
We drove all the way to Paris to attend the World Dog Show which to be fair was a little dissapointing after the the great experience i had in Denmark last year. It was no where near as well run and many people were upset. It was good to see people from all over the world here watching our breed. Paco was 2nd in Champions class under a French Judge. So near but so far. We will have to try and be a world winner next year!!
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:43:54 am BY: Nigel
Windsor Championship Show 24th-26th June 2011
Again this is the first time we have attended this show and what a venue situated just below the beautiful Windsor Castle. We had lots of SWD present and many friendly faces around the ring. The judge was Mr Frank Kane and he placed Norte second in puppy class and in a strong open class he placed Paco 1st and then awarded him Best Dog. In the finals of the breed class Paco won and was BOB again. He was moving well as usual and we waited for the finals, Thanks to Jenny B, My |Jenny, Sylvia, Dawn and David for waiting to support Paco in the group finals which were to be judged by the very well respected MR Hans T Lehtinen.
As we entered the ring many sceptics were won over by Paco's movement and character and he just seemed to get better and better. We were overjoyed to get short listed and utterly gob smacked to get Group 4. What a day. We had people from Canada, America, Australia and Germany all saying well done what a stunning dog!!. it was a day to never forget. Thanks to everybody who appreciated Paco and have sent us so many photos.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:32:18 am BY: Nigel
Blackpool Championship Show 24th-26th June 2011
We love attending this very popular show and again took Paco and Norte. The judge today was Carole Coode who placed Norte second in Puppy class and Paco 1st in Open class. He then went onto win Best Dog and Best Of Breed. It was a good feeling to see Paco win again and Paco seemed to come alive. In the main ring the group judge was Mr Andrew Brace and paco moved so well winning many spectators over. we were so proud to be short listed. When the people applaud Paco he seems to grow an inch with pride.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:23:05 am BY: Nigel
Three Counties Championship Show 8th-11th June
It was a nice day and our judge today was Mrs JP Gill Davies. Norte was on form a little naughty but when he settled he moved like a dream and we were so pleased when he won Best puppy. Paco was second but moved and performed so well. we had another lovely day. Peppillo Valentisimo's Neuschocoa was reserve best dog. Well done to Dawn
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:21:58 am BY: Nigel
Paco has won many many times all over Spain rarely when shown has he been beaten.
His wins to date are.
Best in Show Absolute 2009 Monographica
Best Dog 2010 Monographica
!st in Champions class 2011 Monographica.
Champion of Andalucia 2008, 2009 and 2010.
8 CAC's
6 RCAC's.

He has a superb construction and movement that is strong and powerfull. Excellent correctly corded coat. We are sure he will start winning soon.

Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:09:01 am BY: Nigel
Bath Champ Show 27th-30th May 2011
This was our first time at this venue and we loved it. The weather was horrible but the company great!The judge was Mr PJ Jolly who placed Paco 3rd in a mixed open class, his lowest position ever in a show!! and Norte was second again. We will keep on promoting Paco who does so well in Spain and Europe but seems to struggle here. He was BIS in the 2009 Monographica in Spain.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 06:04:12 am BY: Nigel
Scottish Kennel Club 20th-22nd May 2011
We made the long journey to Edinburgh with Paco and Norte to show under John Thirwell and again Paco was 2nd in open and Norte was 2nd in puppy. It was terrible weather but we were very happy to see our friends liz Farninham and Brenda Mconnell
Tuesday 26th July 2011 05:57:20 am BY: Nigel
National 5th-8th May 2011
We entered this show held at the Three Counties Showground. The judge was Irene Glen and Paco was second in open and also Reserve Best Dog. Norte was second in junior class as no puupy class's were available. it was a nice experience but not Paco's day but we know his time will come!
Tuesday 26th July 2011 05:53:18 am BY: Nigel
WELK's 29th April-1st May 2011
We had no classes here and the judge was Mrs denise Barney.In the AVNSC Paco was second the highest placed SWD and Norte was second on his first trip out. I was happy with both dogs especially Norte who was good on the day! He must have not been feeling well!!
Tuesday 26th July 2011 05:45:34 am BY: Nigel
Pilis Pups and Their PRcd PRA results
Well what a happy litter, full of life and mischief. They are so outgoing possibly one of the happiest litters we have had.
The are a credit to their parents and we are eager to see them out and about promoting the breed.
We have had them all DNA tested for PRcd PRA as one of the parents is a carrier and we have 3 Clears and 4 carriers. We will be keeping a white and black long tail bitch that is CLEAR named Bella and a short tail white and brown bitch named Tica who is a carrier to see how they develop. we would love to wish Sylvia at the Belmoria kennel good luck with Peppi Valentismo's Pacopili who will be shown later in the year. Peppi has also tested clear for Glaucoma.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 05:38:12 am BY: Nigel
Judging Seminars
As i am eager to be able to judge our breed as a breed specialist i have been attending the many seminars held by the Kennel Club to start me on my journey. I have attended conformation and movement seminars held by Mr Frank Kane and Mrs Cathy Gorman which were very enjoyable and interesting. I have passed the Conformation and Movement Hands on Assessment conducted by the very efficient and witty Christina Chapman and also i passed the exam on The Requirements Of A Dog Show Judge held by the vastly experienced Freda Marshall. All of the courses were very interesting and what a lifetime of experience all the trainers have had. It is so good they want to pass their knowledge on to others. Now i must do my stewarding and attend the clubs seminar and pass the exam later in the year. I can not wait and look forward to learning more day by day.
Tuesday 26th July 2011 05:12:43 am BY: Nigel
Spanish Monographica, Neda, Galicia April 2011
Jenny, Paco and i travelled to Spain for the Monographica the 7th in a row that we have attended. we were only showing Paco this year but Craig and Michelle who have Neus and Fuego from us and were by chance holidaying nearby entered both dogs as well.
Paco kept up his good work and won a very strong Champions Class just losing out in the finals to the open male. Both neus and Fuego did very well too bringing home tropies for their efforts. This is a very beautiful part of Spain and it was great to see our Swedish and Belgium friends yet again supporting the breed we all love. The venue was fantastic one of the best we have been to and we were all made to feel very welcome by everyone concerned. We were even invited to a cocktail party by the major of the town. Well done to the organisers of the show. A great time was had by all.
Monday 25th July 2011 05:10:36 pm BY: Nigel
It is Crufts again and this year we took Paco, Spanish Champion Curioso De La Ribera Del Genil Del Valentisimo and Kete, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo. The judge was Jan Wood and 85 Spanish water Dogs were entered. It was a great day and Antonio flew over to handle Chanquete for us. Paco did us proud and was on top form winning the open class with Kete second. Paco went on to win BOB and Kete was reserve best dog. What an incredible day we had. I was complimented many many times from people from all over the world about how good Paco looked in the ring. He was a star and he made it so easy for me in the big ring which is very daunting. I could not believe that we were competing in the gundog group finals at Crufts. It seemed like another dream. It was a honour to handle such a wonderful dog in the big ring at the worlds best dog show. Many thanks to the breed judge Mrs Jan Wood for seeing what i saw in Paco and giving us a chance in the group finals. A day we all will never forget.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:58:46 pm BY: Nigel
Seville international show March 2010
Ben was selling his sagewash at the Seville show so i decided to take Kete who was graded excellent on both days. while we were in Spain we returned to the lake where Kete jumps from a 5 meter high bridge into the lake. he is fearless. We have some excellent vidio's which will be added to the website later this year.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:52:57 pm BY: Nigel
Pacopili Pups Born 6.3.2011
Pili has given birth to 6 beautiful pups 5 girls 2 short tail and 1 boy a white and brown long tail. Jenny has done so well because Ben and i were in Spain showing and we did not think they would be born until we got back. well done Pili and Jenny we are proud of you!
Monday 25th July 2011 04:50:02 pm BY: Nigel
Vida's Pups March 2011
What a lively litter! some have now left but we still have 4 here. They are a challenge but very rewarding. I am really looking forward to training Norte and Pona! They are so happy it makes me smile evry time i see them.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:45:56 pm BY: Nigel
Pacopili pups are due in March Feb 2011
It looks like Pili is expecting. we are so excited about this litter who have Paco for the sire! We will be keeping 2 from this litter. Lets hope they will follow in their fathers footsteps.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:43:06 pm BY: Nigel
We today drove down to see Professor Bedford at his surgery to have the eye tests for Glaucoma done on Paco, Leona and Pili. All 3 tested clear for pre disposition to glaucoma which is really good news for the breed,.
Paco also has had his hips scored and certificated in Spain and they are BB which is very good. His Prcd PRa Dna test has also come back and he is a CARRIER so can only be mated to clear bitches. Leona's hips are in the 70% percentile on the Penn hip which is very good indeed. Pili's hips are a BVA 11 which is also a very good low score.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:35:58 pm BY: Nigel
Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year 2010/2011
We would just like to wish all our friends throughout the world seasons greeting and our best wishes for the new year. We are so pleased with the popularity of our website and are looking to improve it in many ways next year. Please keep returning. We are always here to help anyone within the breed in any way we can.
Monday 25th July 2011 04:32:02 pm BY: Nigel
Horrible December 2010
What a cold, snowy and miserable December. We could not even get to our show in Brussels, it was just too dangerous. On a happier note Vida's pups are doing very well they are all outgoing and confident and very happy they must take after their dad Tubo who is always happy! The white boy in particular is very naughty indeed and so because he was born at Northedge and he is naughty we have decided to call him Norte ( which is north in Spanish). We feel this is appropiate for him. The black and white girl we are keeping who is like a goat jumping everywhere is to ne named Pona. We hope they develop well as we have high hopes for tghem. They will be clear from PRCD PRA because both parents are clear. Two of the litter will be going over to America and Alaska when we are satisfied that they are old and strong enough for the journey and of course if they are good happy strong examples of the breed.
Monday 25th July 2011 03:46:00 pm BY: Nigel
Horrible December 2010
What a cold, snowy and miserable December. We could not even get to our show in Brussels, it was just too dangerous. On a happier note Vida's pups are doing very well they are all outgoing and confident and very happy they must take after their dad Tubo who is always happy! The white boy in particular is very naughty indeed and so because he was born at Northedge and he is naughty we have decided to call him Norte ( which is north in Spanish). We feel this is appropiate for him. The black and white girl we are keeping who is like a goat jumping everywhere is to ne named Pona. We hope they develop well as we have high hopes for tghem. They will be clear from PRCD PRA because both parents are clear. Two of the litter will be going over to America and Alaska when we are satisfied that they are old and strong enough for the journey and of course if they are good happy strong examples of the breed.
Monday 25th July 2011 03:46:00 pm BY: Nigel
Paco's Progress November 2010
Paco has settled in very well indeed and his character is better than i ever imagined. He is a dream. He is super in the water and i am sure i will be able to train him in all of the 7 working tests. Just awaiting all his registrations to be completed.
Monday 25th July 2011 03:39:06 pm BY: nigel
Vida's Pups October 2010
Vida has had Tubo's pups and all 7 are doing very well indeed. She had 5 boys all short tails 4 cream and 1 white and 2 girls 1 cream and 1 black and white long tail.
I have my eye on 2 already the white boy who already is so naughty and the ever so sweet black and white girl. We will see how they progress!
Monday 25th July 2011 03:34:46 pm BY: Nigel
It was a busy week as my son Ben was launching his Sagewash business at the International show in Jerez, spain. I was busy helping him but as always i was glued to the ring where the Spanish Water Dogs were to be shown. I was so happy to see approaching the ring my all time favorite Spanish water Dog Paco or Spanish Champion Curioso De La Ribera Del Genil. This dog always takes my breath away when i see him. He just commands a presence not seen in many dogs and i can never take my eyes off him. I have seen and met his owner Salvador many many times both at shows and in the working tests around Spain. He knows i have always wanted to buy him but to my utter surprise he said to me that i could have Paco in England to promote the breed because of all we have achieved and done for the breed. I was over the moon and my feet did not touch the ground. I eagerly took the lead and left before Salvador could change his mind!! Ben also had a great weekend with sagewash. I could not believe that Paco was coming to England with me. I woke the next morning thinking it was all a dream but sure enough when i opened my eyes Paco was there as large as life wagging his tail at me!. What a weekend!!
Monday 25th July 2011 03:19:43 pm BY: Nigel
Laboklin PRcd PRA DNA Test Results JUNE 2010
We have received our results for the PRCD PRA tests. This will tell us if our dogs are clear, carriers or affected. Even if you have a carrier this is not the end of the world it just means that you can only breed to a clear and the litter will be a mixture oif carriers and clears meaning even from a carrier you can breed towards a clear in the future. A clear to a clear mating will provide all clears. An affected must be removed from the breeding gene pool and neutered.
1.Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique del Valentisimo is CLEAR
2. Leona, Valentisimo's Gordvida is a CARRIER
3. Pili. Valentisimo's Turubia is CLEAR
4. Tubo. Gordilli De Ubrique Del Valentisimo is CLEAR
5. Chanquete, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo is a CARRIER.

We are pleased with these results and will breed our dogs accordingly so that we never have this horrible disease in our lines
Monday 25th July 2011 03:02:03 pm BY: Nigel
Prcd PRA Dna test by Laboklin JUNE 2010
After helping Antonio in Spain do this very important DNA test on all his dogs we have sent all the swobs off to Laboklin in Manchester to be tested. We will post the results as soon as we know them
Monday 25th July 2011 02:59:12 pm BY: Nigel
Gibralter International Show september 2010
Jenny and i flew to Spain where we were trying to qualify for Crufts in the international show at Gibralter two dogs that we may be bringing to England next year. They are Dali a son of my all time favorite Spanish Water Dog Paco the Monographica winner 2009 and Ron a 18 month old brown male. On the first day Ron won Best Male gaining a GCC but just failed to win BOB so did not qualify but Dali won Best Junior and qualified for Crufts 2011. We had a lovely time and it was nice to see many international judges taking a keen interest in our breed. They were very interested in how a SWD should be presented and to learn they should be clipped of completely once a year with no asthetic grooming whatsoever. It is not fair to other exhibitors who present their dogs correctly to come up against shaped dogs. This is a problem that has to be eradicated in the breed and judges need to be educated.
Monday 25th July 2011 02:46:56 pm BY: Nigel
September 2010 Derbyshire Times Article
The local newspaper have done a fabulous article on Kete's World Working Test Win in Arcos spain last month. The heading reads 'Star dog clinches crown in contest. We are so so proud of all our dogs but at the moment Chanquete is flying the flag. The paper was intetested because they did a article on Kete after his Crufts Best Of Breed win in 2009. T prooving a show dog can work!They were amazed at how obedient he was and the photographer asked if he would be available for other photo shoots if they needed a dog in the future. Is this a new future for Chanquete? time will tell!
Monday 25th July 2011 02:40:01 pm BY: Nigel
September 2010 Derbyshire Times Article
The local newspaper have done a fabulous article on Kete's World Working Test Win in Arcos spain last month. The heading reads 'Star dog clinches crown in contest. We are so so proud of all our dogs but at the moment Chanquete is flying the flag. The paper was intetested because they did a article on Kete after his Crufts Best Of Breed win in 2009. T prooving a show dog can work!They were amazed at how obedient he was and the photographer asked if he would be available for other photo shoots if they needed a dog in the future. Is this a new future for Chanquete? time will tell!
Monday 25th July 2011 02:40:01 pm BY: Nigel
SOL Takes BIS at First Outing in America, August 2010
Sol, Valentisimo's Tuvocuca has competed in his first shows in America and on the Saturday took 2 Reserve Best in Shows and on the Sunday took all 3 Best In Show's recieving rave reports from the judges.
Well done Linda and Sol and we wish you even more luck for the future.
Saturday 28th August 2010 10:33:10 am BY: Nigel
South Wales Kennel Club Show August 2010
We took Kete and Leona to this show and enjoyed our day. Chanquete came 4th from 4 in the open class apparantly due to his short coat and Leona came 1st in post grad to qualify for Cruft's 2011.
Saturday 28th August 2010 09:38:51 am BY: Nigel
Kete has done it he is 2010 World Working Champion. What a feeling we still can not believe it. He has proved a show dog (he was BOB at Crufts 2009)can also be a working dog. This year the championships were different with the first day for beginers and the second day for the advanced dogs with much more obedience and stricter rules. This made our win feel even better because the standard was very high this year. Over the 2 days we competed with 5 dogs and were placed a total of 19 times coming home with no less that 11 trophies. all the dogs did very well all winning a trophy even Pili and Tuvo. Tuvo made people laugh becuase he had to be rescued while towing the surfboard as he got the rope tangled around his neck 3 times and he started to drown. He was not put off and i am sure he will surprise many people next year.
Leona, Valentisimo's Gordvida is world champion on the ladders with a lightrning speed of 7.1 seconds. On this test we had 3 dogs on the stand from the top 5. Vida did well in searching as usual comimg second, Pili was second towing the surfboard and Tuvo second at diving. hazels Nina won the diving on the novice day. we were so pleased for her.
Kete was amazing and did all i asked of him but we can still improve and aim to be better next year.
Truely a day to remember and i would like to say thanks to the many good wishes we have recieved from all over the world. We will have some great photos in the gallery soon and are hoping to have a new section open on the menu bar with more details in the very near future. so keep returning for more information.
The first ever Fly Ball demo went down very well with many people showing a keen interest to bring the sport over to Spain.
Saturday 28th August 2010 09:21:53 am BY: Nigel
World Working Championships and Fly Ball Demo, July 2010
We are setting off on our long journey through France and Spain to compete in the working championships and to do spains first ever Fly Ball demonstration with our friends Hazel and Roger and their dogs Nina, Brisa and Rico. We will post the results on our return
Saturday 28th August 2010 09:14:37 am BY: Nigel
World Dog Show Denmark 2010
I travelled to Denmark to help Noriko and Brian with thier MD10 dog shampoo stall and to see this wonderfull show with my friends Pepe and Tricia from Spain.
Denmark is a wonderful clean place and the show was run like clockwork. We met many Spanish friends and had a great time with everyone. The highlight for me was the Spanish Water Dogs and their was a varied type of dogs present. The winners were very good indeed but the thing that really worried me was that one or two exhibitors could be seen grooming the dog and this MUST NOT happen in the breed and needs to be stopped sooner rather that later. The judges need to be made aware of this and penalise the dogs accordingly. The Spanish Club are aware and are taking steps to notify judges worldwide and the different kennel clubs of the problem. Our breed is a rustic breed and should be presented at shows in a rustic way with no grooming or aesthetic clipping whatsoever. It gives an unfair advantage and is not to the breed standard.
Saturday 28th August 2010 09:02:34 am BY: nigel
First Judging Experience at Pinxton June 2010
The nerves had been jingling for a while and the day quickly arrived. I was made to feel very welcome by everyone involved at the show and was just advised to relax and enjoy. I had 10 entries and some very nice dogs to go over and i really enjoyed the experience. It has given me a great appitite to hopefully follow on with more judging appointments in the future. may i say a big thankyou to June for all her help and having the confidence in me to put my name forward. A big thankyou to Jenny my wife for also supporting me on this very special day.
Saturday 28th August 2010 08:55:29 am BY: Nigel
Sol arrives in America, May 2010
A very sad day for us but at least Linda Kardonis will be happy in America as our Sol leaves us destined for his new home.
Sol left very early in the morning and was due to arrive in America at about 7pm we are 100% sure he would be strong enough to cope with the travel or we would not have sent him but we still shed a few tears when he left us.
We eagerly waited for news of his arrival in the USA. We were so proud and happy when we got the call from Linda to say everything was ok and that to her amazement Sol just jumped out of the crate to greet them and then proceded to walk through the airport, up escalators greeting everyone with a happy smile like he had been with linda and her son from birth. Linda was so happy with him and we could have not asked for more. We are proud of you Sol and will monitor your life in the USA with great interest.
Saturday 28th August 2010 08:45:45 am BY: Nigel
Sol, Pili and Leona's Hip results May 2010
We have had Sol and Pili's hips scored by the BVA and Leona's hips scored by the BVA and Pen Hip tested and the results are very good indeed, we are so happy for them all.
Sol, Valentisimo's Tuvocuca has a BVA score of 3+3= total 6
Pili, Valentisimo's Turubia has a BVA score of 7+5=total 12
Leona, Valentisimo's Gordvida has a BVA score of 5+7=12 and is in the 70th percentile for the Pen Hip test with no evidence at all of degenerative joint disease and no cavitation. This is great news for all the dogs and the breed worldwide. Sol will now be leaving us to start his new life in America.
Saturday 28th August 2010 08:32:19 am BY: Nigel
SOL, Valentisimo's Tubocuca May 2010
Sol from Tubo and Cuca who is a wonderfull example of the breed with an excellent temprement, excellent construction, excellent mouth, coat and working ability will be with great sadness for us going to America to the Lija kennel to help take the breed forward with his excellent qualities and different blood lines. We are really attached to him but for the sake of the breed we have decided he can do more in America. Linda wants to show him and use him as a therapy dog which we believe is the best thing for him and something we personally do not have time for. We will have him fully health tested and if all is well he will leave us shortly.
Saturday 28th August 2010 08:22:56 am BY: Nigel
Pili, Valentisimo's Turubia, April 2010
Pili our 18 month old bitch from Tubo and Rubia has never really showed any real working ability only a strong hunting instict. Jenny always said she would come good so because she had such a wonderful character and was so happy we persevered with her. She had always watched the other dogs training but never wanted to join in and so on this occassion i said to her if you do not do the ladders we will find you another home, only joking of course! and to my amazement she did the tunnel, ladders and planks and once she got the praise she deserved she kept on doing it again and again. If you had not seen it you would have not believed it! Now she is a complete Spanish Water Dog, working, hunting, swimming and it has to be said one of the best charecters that we have seen. I hope to enter her in Arcos and now she is a fully fledged member of our working demonsttation team. We are so proud of her. Well done Pili!
Saturday 28th August 2010 08:11:48 am BY: nigel
Monographic, Ubrique, southern Spain, April 2010
I do not know where the time goes but it is time for the yearly breed show in Spain again. This year it is to be held in Ubrique the home of the breed as the Monographic returns home evry 5 years. In fact it only seems a short time since the last Monographic 5 years ago in Ubrique! Time with Spanish water Dogs is wonderful and exciting and passes so quickly and the days merge into years at what seems great speed.
We travelled by ferry to Santander and then drove the 10 hour journey to Ubrique. The show was held in a lovely hall near to the bull ring and had been prepared with great attention to detail. It was won by our great friends from Valencia who deserve all they win because they are so dedicated to the breed. Chanquete was graded excellent and a great time was had by all. We had many enjoyable meals with our friends from Sweeden, Finland, Belgium and of course Spain. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming with many new faces. It will be very interesting to see which kennels have improved for next year. Straight after the show we started on our long journey home to the Uk. Leaving behind our beloved Spain.
Saturday 28th August 2010 07:55:53 am BY: Nigel
Judging Appointment, March 2010
I am very nervous but very proud as i have been asked to judge Spanish Water Dogs at Pinxton this year. I have said yes after thinking long and hard about it and am now just awaiting confirmation. fingers crossed!
Wednesday 25th August 2010 01:01:38 pm BY: Nigel
We have had a great time at Crufts this year meeting many people and friends. Antonio was present as usual and showed Luna who came 3rd in Open Bitch Class, Chanquete came 2nd in Open male and this year he was Reserve Best Male another very good result for a super dog that does so much to promote the breed. We hope for him to be a working Champion one day proving that show dogs can work.
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:54:18 pm BY: Nigel
We have a special breed that has to be presented in a natural rustic way. The coat should be clipped off completley once a year and not groomed in any baratas botas ugg ni˝o
way whatsover. The cords should be split with the fingers and have no aesthetic grooming whatsoever. The dogs can be shown with a short coat as long as the curl can be seen. A dog with a short coat should not be penalised. Remember we have Spanish water dogs not Puli's
The more you swim your SWd the better the coat will cord. We should present our dogs in a rustic way.botas de pelo baratas
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:41:23 pm BY: Nigel
What An Amazing Breed the Spanish Water Dog Is. January 2010
I have just spent a good few hour with my dogs down the fields and it amazes me at how they are all different, throughout the year i have witnessed that Some herd, some hunt rabbits, mice and rats and even tried to retrieve a badger. Leona went down a fox hole and flushed a fox out. kiko wanted chased it away possibly protecting his pack. I have witnessed Vida taking a young pheasant flying a meter high and taking ducks off water. but the one thing they all have in common is that they all love to retieve any object. What a really clever and intelligent replica watches breed we are lucky enough to have!
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:31:40 pm BY: Nigel
Training for Arcos in the River December 2009
We have been doing as much water training as we can but are hampered with the weather here in the Uk. Luna and Kete are doing very well diving and retrieving up to 1 meter deep, Sol is watching and learning. Leona is getting replique montre stronger and stronger and i am sure will be pushing kete all the way in a years time! she just loves to win and has great passion which is what i look for in a working dog. We have to train as much as possible because the Spanish dogs are always in the lakes,sea and pools and have a good advantage over us in the working trials
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:23:53 pm BY: Nigel
LKA, December 2009,
This year has flown and this was the last show that we could qualify Luna and Sol for Crufts 2010. Our great friend Antonio met us at Birmingham to help show Luna and i showed Sol who was in a very happy jumpy mood, not good for showing but my favorite character. I love the naughty happy dogs who show no fear! Luna did well coming second in open class and qualifing for Crufts and Sol came 4th in a very strong Any Variety puppy class. Unfortunatly he did not qualify but he put a smile on many peoples faces!
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:17:42 pm BY: Nigel
Cuca and Tubo's Litter, November 2009
The litter that Cuca had back in May are all doing very well and are by far the best character litter that we have had. They are so happy all the time, love working, have great confirmation and are all progressing very well. Sol who we have kept is a darling and will be shown next month
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:14:10 pm BY: Nigel
Jenny and i made the trip to Belgium and the Euro Dog show with Luna, Spanish Champion Rancholocad De Ubrique Del Valentisimo and Kete, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo. It is a great show and we as always were made to feel welcome. Kete did very well placed second in open class and was then reserve best male and Luna did superb winning her open class and then winning BOB against a dog that was a world winner. Luna was on form and enjoying all the attention. We had a long wait for the finals which was such an experience. The atmosphere was incredible in the main ring and the lighting and fan fare made the hairs on your neck stand up! Unfortunatly we did not get shortlisted but the experience will stop with us forever. We came home with the Euro Cup just like Novita did a few years previously. Well done Luna and Kete!
Wednesday 25th August 2010 12:03:35 pm BY: Nigel
Algar Herding Championships 17.10.2009
At this years herding tests i was asked to be one of the two judges and was so proud to accept. Each year we try to improve on the last and this year was no exception. We were looking for natural ability together with a connection between handler and dog. We also wanted to see good obedience. With 29 dogs entered the competion was fierce and friendly which is usual in Spain. The dogs had to move the goats about 200 meter in a controlled way to a pen,they then had to guard the pen in a wait while the handler closed the gate. The dog then had to move the goats from the pen and move them another 200 meters into a final holding pen. It was an excellent day enjoyed by all and with a delicious dinner in Algar to finish.
Tuesday 24th August 2010 03:07:02 pm BY: Nigel
Working demo in Dona Mencia and Grazelama Monographica B 12&13 September 2009
I was thrilled to be asked to help the working demo team in Spain do a demonstration in a lovely white village called Dona Mencia near Cordoba and then after the Grazalema judge the working tests. We had a very succesful time in Dona Mencia with hundreds of people attending and cheering the dogs on. It was a great feeling to be promoting the breed in it's native country.
The show at Grazalema was as always very well attended with over 100 dogs. The setting is to die for and the working trials was held in the main square and even though heavens opened many people stopped for the tests with some very fsat times by quiet a few dogs. many people are gaining more and more interest in the working tests and the standards are becoming very high.The competion is fierce but every one helps each other and they so are pleased when someone new does well. Another great experience in my hectic life with Spanish water Dogs!
Tuesday 24th August 2010 02:46:54 pm BY: Nigel
Working demo in Dona Mencia and Grazelama Monographica B 12&13 September 2009
I was thrilled to be asked to help the working demo team in Spain do a demonstration in a lovely white village called Dona Mencia near Cordoba and then after the Grazalema judge the working tests. We had a very succesful time in Dona Mencia with hundreds of people attending and cheering the dogs on. It was a great feeling to be promoting the breed in it's native country.
The show at Grazalema was as always very well attended with over 100 dogs. The setting is to die for and the working trials was held in the main square and even though heavens opened many people stopped for the tests with some very fsat times by quiet a few dogs. many people are gaining more and more interest in the working tests and the standards are becoming very high.The competion is fierce but every one helps each other and they so are pleased when someone new does well. Another great experience in my hectic life with Spanish water Dogs!
Tuesday 24th August 2010 02:46:54 pm BY: Nigel
Spanish Champion Rancholocad De Ubrique Del Valentisimo, August 2009
Luna, Spanish Show Champion Rancholunac De Ubrique Del Valentisimo is here in England to promote her breed. She is a beautiful bitch with a great character and excellent working ability. In Spain she works with the children with learning problems and is loved by them all. They will miss her be that can be sure she will be back to visit. we look forward to promoting her in Europe and the Uk.
Tuesday 24th August 2010 02:42:36 pm BY: Nigel
Arcoss August 2009
Ben and i travelled down through France and Spain to stay in Ubrique for the 2009 World Working Trials with Kiko, Vida, Leona and Chanquete. While in ubrique we had many adventures swimming with the dogs, herding and training. All the dogs did very well winning 9 trophies at each of the different tests and Kete came 4th overhall gaining much experience for next year, Vida, Kiko and Leona were all placed in the top 8 with over 50 dogs entered. We learnt much and enjoyed our time with our many friends and most of all learnt what we had to improve on for next year. Thanks once again to Antonio, Paqui, anay, Lidia and Genises for making us feel so welcome. We feel so at home in Spain and the dogs just love it too!
Tuesday 24th August 2010 02:27:26 pm BY: Nigel
World Working Championships at Arcos, Spain, 15/16 August 2009
Kiko, Chanquete, Vida and Leona together with Ben and i are just about to set off on our long journey to Spain to compete in this years world championships flying the flag for VALENTISIMO. We have been training hard and just need to brush up on our diving when we arrive and then hopefully we should ready to compete with all our Spanish friends. We will post all the results when we return. We are all very excited about meeting all our friends over the weekend.
Wednesday 05th August 2009 04:01:04 pm BY: Nigel
Flying The 'VALENTISIMO' Flag 28.6.2009
'Valentisimo's Gordvidam' at Leonardston (Leona's sisiter with Vida and Gordo as parents))and her kennel brother Julio have been doing very well winning consistantly at major championship shows this year. This weekend Evita was Best bitch at Blackpool and Julio was reserve best dog after his BOB breed win earlier in the year. Even better news is that Evita's eyes have tested clear for glaucoma and she has a BVA hip score of 6 which is only 1 point behind Julio's which is the lowest in the country at 5, his eyes are also clear of pre disposition to glaucoma. Also Dawn and Peppillo, 'Valentisimo's Neuschocoa' went BOB at Bath 2009. It is so rewarding to see our progeny doing so well in major shows. Well done to Dave, Christine and Dawm and may the wins keep coming!
Sunday 28th June 2009 06:06:17 pm BY: Nigel
Kiko, Vida, Leona, Chanquete and Neus will be at this new event over the weekend and demonstrating a few of the Spanish Working Tests. They will demonstrate what a vast amount of activities this wonderfull breed are capable of mastering and how the breed live to work and please. They will be eagerly watched by Pili and Tuvo who are pushing to join the team.
Sunday 28th June 2009 04:06:46 pm BY: Nigel
Vida's amazing nose and flushing abilities 2.6.2009
Vida has today while out on a walk found a badger in the middle of a wheat field and would not stop barking until i had seen it and assured her all was well. She is also staring to flush partridge and pheasant from the undergrowth. She is also showing great promise at hunting rats, mice and rabbits. Pili watches her and has even brought a mouse back to hand. This breed never ever ceases to amaze me and we learn evry day from them.
Sunday 28th June 2009 04:01:28 pm BY: Nigel
Chanquete At Talavera De Riena, Madrid, 22.5.2009
I again drove to Madrid in Spain in search of the obligatory point that is needed to become a Spanish Champion. You only have 2 chances a year and the quality is top drawer. We did not manage it with Chanquete on this occasion but were honoured to be shortlisted twice from top quality dogs from all over Spain. All the Open dog classes had entries of up to 40. It was so good to see many friends again and as always i was made to feel so welcome. Antonio had a good day with 3 of the 4 CAC's on offer going to dogs that he had bred and all of them from the one and only GORDO.
Sunday 28th June 2009 03:52:55 pm BY: Nigel
Novita has gone over to France in search of adding the title French Champion to his many conquests. A top French kennel spotted Novita at the Monographic and has asked if we wold let them have him for a while so he could promote the breed there and hopefully become a French Champion. We thought about it long and hard and decided we could not stand in his way. He will be promoted in the UK again very soon. Novita is an excellent ambassoder for the breed with a excellent temprement.
Sunday 28th June 2009 03:44:50 pm BY: Nigel
Neus Gets What She Deserves 29.3.2009
Neus has today left us to live with Craig and Michelle. For us it was a very sad day as Neus has given and taught us so much about the breed and of course without Neus we would not have had Vida and Leona who are both working and showing dogs. Leona at 1 year old was joint best pup in the UK last year and has already taken part in a working display in Spain, competed in the world herding championships in Spain and was also placed 4th in her breed class in the Monographic 2009. Neus was also the mother of Novita our dog who has won BOB and Best Male many times in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and of course England. He was also the first dog we made into a Spanish Champion. Neus deserves the best retirement and we know she is one very lucky dog and will have the time of her life with Craig and Michelle. She will be a good tutor when Craig and Michelle get a new pup. Neus will always be a part of VALENTISIMO and she will continue to promote the breed helping in our display team and at other events in the future. Good luck Lady Neus we love you.
Sunday 28th June 2009 03:32:31 pm BY: Nigel
After a super time at the Monographic we had a long drive of 12 hours down to Ubrique where we were attending the clubs first ever seminar on searching for dead bodies by the very experienced American searcher Shelly Wood. The course lasted for 3 days and was very professional and very informative in every way. Shelley Wood has a vast experience and has been on in excess of 100 searches. The course was well attended and every one of us learnt so much about ourselfs and our dogs. The 3 days past so quickly. It was great to meet Shelly who freely shared her expert knowledge with every body in a very friendly simple to understand way and to hear the emotional words of thanks at the end of the course was very heartworming. The course just covered the basics of training (imprinting, basic search, underground search and scents in tress etc)and all of the dogs showed a very natural aptidude of searching. Shelly has a Rubia son called Carlos who is working as search dog in America and was trained very easily and quickly by her. One very interesting comment that was made is that it is hard to find a dog with as much natural working instinct as our breed and if we are not to go like the other breeds i.e German Shepherds etc we must always breed for the working ability. This is what makes our breed special and it is what the Spanish want us to keep breeding for. May i thank Shelley Wood and all the people who attended the seminar for a terific 3 days. Can not wait for Shelly to return to take us to the next level.
Wednesday 06th May 2009 02:42:52 pm BY: Nigel
I made the long drive through France and Northern Spain to attend the yearly Monographica in Arnedo a very beautiful village in an area very famous for Rioja wine and leather shoes. The show was well atended and as always it was a very friendly atmosphere. It was good to see so many friends again and i was made to feel so welcome. I took with me 4 dogs Chanquete, Novita, Leona and Vida although Vida's main task was to attend the missing cadaver course the following week in Algar, Southern Spain. Leona Valentisimo's Gordvida was entered in a strong intermediate class and was the youngest bitch entered and she did very well coming 4th with an excellent grade. Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique Del Valentisimo was in a huge open bitch class and recieved an excellent grading of which we were thrilled bearing in mind she hates showing and just lives to work. Chanquete, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo was in the open class whith a top class entry of 30 dogs from all the leading kennels in Spain and he was placed EXCELLENT 2nd with an excellent report of simply 'PERRO COMPLETO' We were absolutly thrilled for him as the fully justified his CRUFTS 2009 BOB win especially as Paco the dog that won him went on to win BIS absolute and has been this years top winning SWD in Spain. Novita Spanish Champion Gordneuc De Ubrique Del Valentisimo was placed 5th in champions class. May we thank all the Spanish for the support congratulations that Chanquete recieved regarding his historic win at Crufts. Chanquete and all of our dogs will be out and about both in the Uk and Europe promoting the breed at shows and working demonstrations all through the year. The Monographic was a pleasure to attend and has many fond memories.
Wednesday 06th May 2009 02:20:04 pm BY: Nigel
Hazels RICO gains his Silver 12.3.2009
Leona's brother Rico handled by Hazel has today gained his Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver award. May we say a very big well done. Also Debbie and Rico from Derby have informed us that Rico has been asked to work in a local dog display team. This is great news for the breed and we are sure Dad Gordo will be so proud of them all. Mum Vida will have to watch her back as her children are starting to catch her up! Well done to all
Saturday 14th March 2009 06:49:05 pm BY: Nigel
At the first ever Crufts where our breed had it's own breed classes judged by the highly respected Jeff Horswell. The breed had an incredible 66 entries from all over Europe and Chanquete GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO won BEST OF BREED putting us in the history books as the first ever kennels to win the Spanish Water dog BOB at Crufts. Chanquete was handled by his breeder Antonio Garcia Perez who did a fantastic job with him. It was great to see Antonio making history because if it was not for him working so hard to get the breed reconised back in 1982 we would not have this amazing breed here today. More great results were Novita GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO was placed 3rd in a very very strong open class of 21 which was described by Mr Jeff Horswell as a sight to behold. Also another one of our breeding Pepillo, VALENTISIMO'S NEUSCHOCA handled superbly by his very proud owner Dawn Galbraith was placed 2nd in the Yearling Dog Class. Our very own Leona, VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA was pleaced 3rd in a yearling class of 12. This was an amazing day and Antonio and i would like to thank everyone who came to support us, making all that noise and also say a big thank you to everyone from every corner of the WORLD who have sent us messages of congratulations. This was a day that truely was for the benifit of the SPANISH WATER DOG and one that i will never ever forget. As Antonio stated this was done in the MEMORY of GORDO by his children Chanquete, Novita and Leona. We look forward to promoting the breed in a positive way in the future and would like to thank Antonio Garcia Perez and our Spanish friends for all their help and advice that they are always giving us about Antonio's breed. It is a great privelage to help bring new blood and lines into the UK with Antonio's expert knowledge and help. We greatly appreciate the expert opinion of Antonio in what we need to do to enable us to help take the breed forward here in the UK. It was also very nice to hear from other Spanish judges that in their opinion we had some quality dogs with a very good characters in this country. Pictures of the day and the Spanish consignment will be posted soon in the gallery.
Saturday 14th March 2009 06:16:46 pm BY: Nigel
David and Christine Smith from the highly succesfull Irish Water Spanial kennel LEONARDSTON have very kindly informed us of Evita's (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDAM at LEONARDSTON) excellent BVA hip score results and they are 3:3 TOTAL 6. This is an excellent score nearly equal to Julios who are 2:3 TOTAL 5 the lowest in the UK so far. It was also great to hear that Julio is making great progess. Evita is a Vida and Gordo daughter who is also promising to have a good future in the showring. We will look forward to following her progress in the future.
Saturday 14th March 2009 06:08:47 pm BY: Nigel
Cuca Del Valentisimo, eye test results. 16.2.2009
Our latest import Cuca who is from the Marismeno line tests CLEAR. She hopefully will bring much needed new blood to the English gene pool has had her eyes tested by Mr Goodyear for both PRA and Pre Disposition to Glaucoma has TESTED CLEAR on BOTH tests. This is very good news for our breed here in the UK. Her character is super and her confirmation and working ability are also excellent.
Monday 16th February 2009 07:00:30 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
Leicester Gundog Show 15.2.2009
Novita, Spanish Champion Gordneuc De Ubrique Del Valentisimo had another good day winning his open class and then taking Best Of Breed. All good practice for Crufts which is fast approaching.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:57:48 pm BY: NigelEgginton
Newark Canine Society 7.2.2009
Chanquete had a good day in the AV class winning his Post Grad class. Pili went along for the experience and enjoyed herslf very much seeing what it is all about.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:55:14 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
THANK YOU 19.1.2009
We would just like to say a big thank you to all our puppy owners who have flooded us with positive comments and the excellent progress of Vida's pups. It is lovely to be informed of the progress your pups are making. All of Rubia's pups that were born in Septemeber last year are doing well and hopefully we will soon see a few in the show ring. Pili our little terror is learning very quickly and keeps pushing Leona to the limit. She will also be shown in early march.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:47:37 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
Hazel's Rico, Eye test Results Jan 15 2009
Hazel has just informed us that Rico, Leona's brother has had his eye's tested for pre disposition to glaucoma and they are all clear. This is good news for the breed. Both his parents Vida and Gordo are clear.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:44:28 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
Turca the amazing flying Diving Spanish Water Dog 20.12.2008
Again we have some bad news. Turca owned and loved by Antonio has died today. She again was a world working Champion who was always with Antonio demonstrating all her working abilites at demonstations throughout Spain. I have again many memories of her been fimed diving and never ever letting Antonio down. A huge loss for the breed. We were priveliged to have known her.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:40:00 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
We have just learnt that Gordo who without doubt was the worlds BEST working dog has died. This is tragic news and a huge loss to our breed. Our thoughts are with Antonio and his family. I consider ourselves very lucky to have known him and worked with him on many occasions. The dog was amazing and gave me so much inspiration. I have seen him kill rats and snakes and even catch a turtle. He could herd and was world working champion 2005. He climbed trees drove cars and even took cigarettes out of peoples hands to stub them out. He was the best diving dog i have ever seen diving 3 or 4 meters deep to retrieve objects. He was a big hit a the television studio's in Madrid earlier this year when he even stubbed the directors cigarette out! I still smile to myself when the studio's sent a car for Gordo, Antonio and myself to take Gordo to be bathed! We are so lucky to have his offspring here in England and we promise Leona, Chanquete, Novita and Tuvo will carry the LEGEND of Gordo on.
Monday 16th February 2009 06:28:32 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
Jerez International Dog Show 15th&16th November 2008
It was a great pleasure to attend this international dog show in Jerex which is so very well organised by our friends Pepe and Trisha Haro. It was yet again a very interesting occasion where i learnt more about our breed. The judge was Pepe Pinero who has a good quality entry. It was good to see out Antonio's vetrans Torito and Zula who are two of the best ever winning Spanish Water Dogs in the world. They both recieved a huge applause when they moved around the ring. It was a very emotional moment for Antonio and his daughter Anay. It was also very nice to see top British judges Frank Kane, Andrew Brace and Jon Nethercot present and taking an interest in our breed. Can not wait for next year!
Monday 16th February 2009 06:16:32 pm BY: N Egginton
We would like to say a big well done to Rico owned by Debbie, Jon, Adam and Lucy from Derby in achieving both his bronze and silver KC good citizen awards. This is a super achievment for Rico who is only just 1 year old. Hi is the brother of Leona and his proud parents are Vida and Gordo. We are told he is already training hard for his gold. Keep up the good work we are proud of you all.
Monday 16th February 2009 05:56:45 pm BY: N EGGINTON
We have just recieved official conformation from the BVA of the hip scores for both RUBIA and TUVO, (GORDILLI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) who has scored a 7/4 TOTAL 11 and both his eye tests were clear. This is good news for the breed because Tuvo is also an excellent worker with a temprement that is just adorable, he has all his teeth, an excellent coat that has not faded and much much more to offer the breed. Tuvo is from Dilita, Spanish Champion Chavetone De Ubrique who also tested clear in both the Glaucoma and PRA eye tests and has an excellent BVA score of 8. His dad GORDO (MOKELASSOG DE UBRIQUE) is 2005 World working Champion whos eyes tested clear and his hips in Spain were A/B.
RUBIA (SPANISH CHAMPION UNKLASTDIG DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) also had a very good score of 6/7 TOTAL 13 and also tested clear for both GLAUCOMA and PRA which again is excellent news for our breed. Anyone who meets Rubia just falls for her loving charms What is also very good news is that both X Rays showed no sign of any arthritus in both dogs. This we think is so important.
Monday 10th November 2008 05:25:04 pm BY: NIGEL
At Midland Counties we did not have breed class's but 60 dogs were entered in the AVNSC class judged by FCI judge Elina Tan from Finland. With many Spanish Water Dogs present we were highly delighted when Chanquete, GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO won his very strong PGD class and then he went on to get Reserve Best Dog, only loosing out to Nick waters Champion Irish Water Spanial. it was very nice to get some very good comments from Mrs Tan about Chanquete who has always done very well in his native Spain. Next Leona VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA had alot to follow with 13 entries in the puppy bitch class and with this bieng the last time she would be shown in puppy class we were hoping to get a place and to our sheer delight Leona kept the flag flying for the Spanish Water Dog with a FIRST place. Leona then went onto win BEST PUPPY which made us feel on top of the world having bred her. Leona has won Best Puppy in 6 of the 7 Championship shows we have entered her in this year as well as winning many puppy class's in open shows and of course winning the Benrowan Quaich Trophy at the Mid Herts Gundog Open show under the very well respected Jeff Lusscot at the very young age of 6 months and 4 days. What a terrific first year she has had and we are eager to see what the future brings our LEONA,Buy Cheap Replica Watches UK, Fake Swiss Watches For Sale
the show dog that has outstanding working abilities.
Monday 10th November 2008 05:05:42 pm BY: NIGEL
I was very excited about taking Leona (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA) to her first show in Spain and was so eager to see what the Spanish thought of her. Because she was 10 months old she had to go into the Junior class because puppy class finishes at 9 months of age. It was a very strong class with 12 entries from some of Spains top kennels and Leona did us so proud by bieng placed EXCELLENT second with the judge liking her very very much. If she had had a few more months on her back he said she would have come first.
Halfway through the show we were asked to help with the working demo which had one of the longest tunnels about 10 meters that we had ever seen.
Antonio introduced Leona as a 10 month old working pup that also does well in the show ring and to the crowds amazement she completed the ladders and tunnel in lightening time and she recieved cheers and loud applause. Then her mother Vida did the same and her farther Gordo followed so it was a great family affair. After the family affair Kiko had his chance and he did not dissapoint crossing every object with speed and precision and not to be outdone he jumped up for a cuddle and then went back the other way. He just takes people's laughter as praise and just loves to please. Tango another Spanish bred dog did an excellent job also. Gordo then did his diving demo and was as always the star of the day followed closely by his super daughter Leona VALENTISINO'S GORDVIDA. We are so proud of her.
Sunday 19th October 2008 05:47:55 pm BY: NIGEL
We attended the 3rd ever world herding championships in Algar, Spain last weekend which was very well attended even with thunder and lightening storms. We arrived only the day before so had no time to practice and learn the new rules but we really enjoyed ourselves. Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere was excellent despite the most terrible weather. Vida was on form in the friday practice session showing how good she can be at herding but unfortunatly she fell from a tree nearly 4 meters high and winded herself so was unable to perform. As the week progressed she got back to her usual self. Kiko did well but the star of the show was Jenny's Luccas VALENTISIMO'S LUCCAS who showed all his natural herding abilities to everyones amazement. He scored so high on natural ability with zero points for obedience but he still came 4th overhall sending back to the UK his very large trophy! If Luccass had not been so excited and used his limited obedience he may well have won. He was higher placed than the other professional herding dog who works goats every day at the finca. Lucass acheievd what he wanted making Jenny so proud of him and prooving to us that he really does have a better life with the goats in his native Spain. WELL DONE LUCCAS
Sunday 19th October 2008 05:33:08 pm BY: NIGEL
It has arrived. Novita, GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO is a SPANISH SHOW CHAMPION and it is official. We have just recieved his certificate and we are all over the moon. This is great news for the Ubrique kennel with this the second champion this year that Antonio has bred. The other is Kite who is a half brother to Novita and also the farther of our very own Leona, VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA.
Novita, GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO will be promoting his breed in the showrings again here in the UK in the very near future. Thanks to all our friends and of course Antonio, Paqui and Anay who have helped us and supported us in Novita's quest.
Saturday 04th October 2008 02:45:35 pm BY: Nigel
We are getting excited as we are off to Spain with Kiko and Vida to the world herding champioships next weekend. We are also taking Vida's daughter Leona to meet her dad, world working champion 2005 so she can also get some herding lessons from all the family. We will also be showing Leona in the Monographic B in Cortes De La Frontera the following day. The judges are the very well respected Domingo Chavez and Rafeal Fernandez.
Vida and Kiko both have super herding instincts and it will be the first time Vida has competed in this event with Kiko winning it 3 years ago.
It will be great to see all our friends in Spain again.
Saturday 04th October 2008 02:36:52 pm BY: Nigel
Today i took Chanquete, GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO to Driffield under Judge Steve Hall where Kete won his post graduate class.
Thursday 25th September 2008 07:31:01 pm BY: Nigel
This month has been a mixed one for the Spanish Wires fly ball team. At Ryecroft we had a terrible day coming last with some blond moments!! but at Sutton Fields we got our act together and came a credible 3rd. The excellent news is that Tuvos team in only their second starters race came 1st and never lost a race. Tuvo absolutly loves flyball like his goodfriend Kiko and will soon be a very fast and commited member of the Spanish wires. READY READY READY!!!!
Thursday 25th September 2008 07:24:10 pm BY: Nigel
This was the first Spanish judge to judge Spanish Water Dogs at a championship show in England. Jose Doval did a very good job in some very bad conditions. We took Leona and chanquete as Novita had just been clipped and we had a very good day. Kete (GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO)won his post graduate class and then went on to win Best Male and Reserve Best Of Breed and Leona (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA) won puppy bitch and then Best Puppy. These wins mean so much to us as we were judged by a Spanish Judge who obviously has a excellent knowledge of the breed. It was good to see our breeding in Leona was appreciated and that Chanquete was appreciated just as he is in his native Spain where he has always been placed highly with an EXCELLENT grading. May we have many more Spanish judges judging our breed here in the future
Thursday 25th September 2008 07:14:11 pm BY: NIGEL
Once again the Asociacion Espanola Del Perro De Agua Espanol put on a super Monographic B with brilliant organisation by Guillermo as always. It was a big dissapointment not to attend this year but our Spanish friends kept us up to date with what was happening. The best news about this event was that we had a record 95 entries which just goes to show that all the hard work the Spanish club put into promoting the breed in a professional and friendly way is getting appreciated by many people. This is indeed excellent news for our breed. Well done to Antonio, Guillermo and all the eager helpers making this a very special day.
The results were.
Best Pup, chispa De Gadivar, Best Open Male was Rony owned by David Molina. Best Open Bitch Chirra owned by Manual Tibio. Best Junior and Best In Show was Marley owned by Daniel Garcia Olias
Thursday 25th September 2008 06:58:32 pm BY: NIGEL
It has become apparant that people are taking Spanish Water Dogs to shows and grooming them. This is a terrible shame and has never been done to our breed before and should never be done. The coat is split with the hands and should be clipped off completly once a year to the same length all over with no aesthetic grooming whatsover. If the dog is groomed the coat will never cord. If this goes on our breed the Perro De Agua Espanol will be different in the UK to the rest of the world and this would be a terrible waste for our breed here in the UK. Please feel free to phone or email for any advice on coat care for your Spanish Water Dog.
Sunday 07th September 2008 04:51:27 pm BY: NIGEL
It was with great regret that due to unforseen circumstances we did not travel to compete in the championships this year and we would like to say a big thankyou to the many friends who kept asking for us. We were in constant contact with Antonio keeping up to date with what was happening and everybody was in our thoughts.
We would like to congratulate everyone who took part and promise to be competing next year. We are already in training and will be competing with Kiko, Vida, chanquete, Tuvo, Neus and our Leona.
Well done to Salvador Cabrera and Beto for winning, Antonio Nunez and Kira for coming second and in third place was Martin Maldonado with Jara.
Once again plenty of dog were entered and with the young and more mature competitors competing in what i am told was a wonderfull friendly atmosphere a wonderfull time was had by all.
Hasta proxima ano amigos!
Friday 29th August 2008 09:32:38 pm BY: NIGEL
Kiko was a member of the Fyled Pick and Mix flyball team have done absolutly brilliant by winning the 2008 MULTIBREED TUDOR CHAMPIONSHIP. This is a event run over the year and the team with the most points wins. The team have run superbly well all year and Kiko handled by Jenny has been a very important member flying the flag for the Spanish Water Dogs. Kiko has won many Dog of the day awards during the year and on Monday 25.8.2008 all the team members won a dog of the day award. Jenny would just like to say a big thank you to all the other team members who had a very good bond and team spirit and we look forward to racing again in the near future. Kiko is always READY READY READY.
Friday 29th August 2008 09:20:43 pm BY: NIGEL
We have just uploaded some photos we would like you to share into our very popular gallery. Hope you enjoy them.
Saturday 23rd August 2008 08:05:57 am BY: Nigel
Please keep returning as in the near future we will be having exciting new additions to the website demonstrating the varied and amazing ability's our wonderfull breed has.
Friday 22nd August 2008 10:36:29 pm BY: NIGEL
We have had a hectic few months attending many shows, training at Agility, Flyball, Diving, herding and training all the Spanish Working tests. A few of Vida's pups have been doing very well in obedience and Rico has already acheived his KC bronze award. Leona who amazes us with her working ability and brains has also do very well at shows winning best pup on 6 occasions and we have recently clipped her along with Novita and Chanquete in readiness for their debut at Crufts 2009. This is a very exciting first for our breed. Vida, Chanquete, Tuvo all after 1 lesson at flyball training with the very profesional trainers at Livewires managed to all run without the netting and look forward to running in starters very soon and then hopefully running in the Spanish wires with Nina, Brisa, Kiko and Ruben. It certainly looks like we will be part of a very fast ALL SPANISH team very soon.
It was also very nice to have our very good friends Antonio, Paqui and Anay stop with us while Antonio was guest of honour a the recent Dive for Sight charity event held at the end of July on the weekend of Joan Hubbards Companion Dog Show.
It was very nice to see so many Spanish present and nice to see another Vida pup Layla who was the fastest Spanish in the splash and dash at only 8 months of age. After this event we all went down to our local river with Antonio and had Chanquete, Vida, Leona and Layla all diving to nearly 1 meter deep retrieving from the river bed!!. This was amazing and we all had a great time.
Kiko also demonstrated to Antonio why he was the first ever World Working Champion by herding 35 young heffers even standing his ground when they tried to charge him. Please keep returning because in the very near future we will be having a vidio on the website demonstrating all what our breed is capable of. We are sure this will prove a very popular addition to our website which is getting more and more popular every day.
Leona, Vida, Kiko, Tuvo, Neus and Chanquete can all complete all 7 Spanish Working Tests in very fast times and look forward to competing and demonstrating thier ability's both in Spain and the Uk in the future. Thanks to all our friends from all around the world who have helped and advised us in all of our pursuits that we so much enjoy doing with our dogs.
Friday 22nd August 2008 10:11:23 pm BY: NIGEL
Vida, Kiko, Chanquete and Tuvo have all been training hard at agility and later next month will be competing in an agility competition. Also Chanquete, Kiko, Vida, Nina and Leona are making remakable progress with their ability to dive and are looking forward to competing in the World Working Tests in Spain, just going to prove that working dogs can also be show dogs
Friday 30th May 2008 11:30:01 pm BY: Nigel
Novita has done it, he is subject to confirmation a SPANISH SHOW CHAMPION. We travelled again to Spain in search of the final CAC Novita needed in the Madrid area to become a Spanish Champion. The show was at Talavera near Madrid in Spain and we had two chances on the day one in the international show and one in the Spanish breeds show in the afternoon. In the morning in Open class we had 28 dogs entered and after what seemed like an eternity Novita was placed EXCELENT 3rd and in Intermediate class Chanquete GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO was placed EXCELLENT 3rd. In the afternoon in an even bigger open class Novita was up against some very very good dogs who have won all over Spain including the dog that won the Monographic and the Best Of Breed in the morning. To our delight Novita strutted around the ring like he owned it and gave the judge no option but to place him first. It was one of the best feelings ever to have the honour of handling a Spanish water Dog that had just become a SPANISH CHAMPION, Novita had done his breed proud and hopefully will continue to do well in the United Kingdom. I would just like to thank all our Spanish friends and of course Antonio Garcia Perez and his family for all the invaluable help and encouragement they continually give us all. We aim now to promote Novita in other Europeon countries to further his remarkable and deserved show career. WELL DONE NOVITA and of corse Chanquete for being so highly placed and graded EXCELLENT 3rd in one of the best respected shows in Spain. What a week
Friday 30th May 2008 11:12:27 pm BY: Nigel
Kiko, Jeep, Brisa,Nina and Ruben again had a dissapointing days racing but the team morale was excellent with everybody having a great time. The team came 5th. But the next day we raced in multibreed at Eggbourgh and with Kiko racing in division 1 finishing an excellent 2nd, Brisa in Division 3 coming 1st, Ruben and Nina in Division 4 came 1st and 5th respectavely. Well done to them all and all the Fyled Coasters teams who we raced with
Friday 30th May 2008 11:06:47 pm BY: Nigel
Novita, Chanquete, Leona and Julio all made the long journey north to represent the breed in the first ever championsip show with class's for our breed in Scotland under the very well respected judge John Thirwell and it was to our delight that 26 dogs were entered. What really topped the day off was that Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) was first in the open class and won BEST OF BREED. Novita did a sterling job of representing our breed in the finals but did not get short listed on this occassion. We met some lovely people who had great dogs and really enjoyed our trip to Scotland.
Friday 30th May 2008 11:00:05 pm BY: NIGEL
Kiko, Ruben, Brisa and Nina raced in this Flyball event and only won 2 races from the five and came 3rd on the day. The best news was that on Sunday in starters Tuvo raced after only 2 lessons and came 4th with Sara and Bella. This is really a big achievement and just goes to prove that a well structured training programme such as the one we have at Livewires really pays dividends. Well done Tuvo who will soon be pushing for a place in the Spanish team. Chanquete, Vida, Rubia, Rico and Leona will soon be racing too.
Friday 30th May 2008 10:50:49 pm BY: NIGEL
Mid Herts Gundog Club 11/5/2008
We travelled down to Bedfordshire to promote the breed at this show which was very well run in an excellent venue. On the day Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) and Chanquete (GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) did not do too well in the breed classes coming second and third but Leona kept flying the flag winning the Special Beginners Class and Best Puppy in breed.
We also enterd our dogs in the Variety classes under the very well respected judge Peter Upton.
Chanquete was in Post Graduate which had 28 entries and performed very well gaining FIRST place which was a really pleasing result. Mr Upton must have appreciated Chanquete's strong masculine qualities just as the judge in the Spanish Monographic did also placing him first.
Novita was in Open with 14 entries and to our delight for Novita and the breed he was placed 2nd which is a really pleasing result.
Leona was in the puppy finals and for only 6 months and 9 days did the breed pround standing firm and moving like a dream. To my amazement she was awarded 4th from 30. The moment was amazing as our homebred pup was flying the flag so well for our breed in a very well respected Gundog show. I do not think i will ever forget the feeling!!
Because Leona (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA) had won the Special Beginners Class she was entered in to the Special Beginners Stakes Class Final with other top older dogs and to her credit she moved and stood so well again. It was to my amazement that Mr P Upton looked up and down the line walked to his desk and turned round to point to Leona as his choice for FIRST place. It was simply amazing for our Leona to achieve all this on only her second show and she even won the BENROWAN QUICH CUP (pictures will be in the gallery soon) At the moment Leona is enjoying learning the ladders etc and showing. All we want is for her to be happy and enjoy all the new experiences. Thanks Leona for doing your breed justice today. May we also thank all the people who gave us many positive comments and praise for our dogs on this most fantastic day.
Tuesday 13th May 2008 08:27:46 pm BY: Nigel
What a day and another first for VALENTISIMO. This was the first ever Championship Show with breed classes for our wonderfull breed and we enterd Chanquete(GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO), NOVITA (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) and Leona (VALENTISIMO@S GORDVIDA) in her first ever show at the age of 6 months and 6 days she had to go in junior class as we had no puppy class and she behaved very well coming second to Jenny Bloomfields Graci, we were absolutly delighted and she even qualified for Crufts on her first show! I am so proud of Leona and hope she will be a great ambassoder for the breed in the future. Chanquete did very well too winning his Post Graduate class and getting Reserve Best Dog. He did excellent also qualifying for Crufts again showing that show dogs can work. Novita was in a very strong Open class and had an excellent day moving very well and winning the class. Novita also took best of breed on this most amazing day for us and the breed. It was very good to see new faces showing and we had an excellent entry of 35 dogs. Also our Friends David and Christine Smith did very well with Julio who came 4th in a strong open class. Julio shows great promise for the future and has been doing very well in Ireland getting many rave reviews by the continental judges.
Tuesday 13th May 2008 08:09:37 pm BY: Nigel
We at VALENTISIMO WORK our dogs as well as promote the breed in the SHOW ring and today launch our ALL SPANISH WORKING DISPLAY TEAM. All of our dogs are able to compete in all the Spanish Working tests.
We would like to offer our services to any organisations to demonstate at any event what our breed can do and do well. We can demonstare the 7 Spanish working tests including diving and water work if water is available, Flyball and agility. So please feel free to contact us if you would like a demonstation. New pages will be added shortly to our main website with more information. This is another FIRST for VALENTISIMO the WORKING AND SHOWING KENNEL
Tuesday 13th May 2008 07:57:43 pm BY: NIGEL
On the Sunday the Spanish Wires of Kiko, Ruben, Brisa and Nina had a mixed day and came 4th in division 2. It was a great day enjoyed by all the team. The following day they all raced in multibreed in different divisions and all did very well gaining many points but what was the most pleasing was that Kiko, Ruben and Brisa all were voted by the respective team mates as FLYBALL DOGS OF THE WEEKEND and the dogs the other members would most want in their team. A huge congratulations to Jenny, Hazel and Roger for all the effort they put into this sport showing others that the Spanish Water Dog is a true alrounder. Kiko was awarde his FLYBALL SILVER AWARD SHIELD from the Livewires for which Jenny and Kiko would like to say a very big thankyou.
Tuesday 13th May 2008 07:47:09 pm BY: nigel
Whats Going on at VALENTISIMO 16.4.2008
As we have not got any shows until next month we are busy training our dogs for the Spanish Working Tests in August. Also we are very busy training at Flyball and Agility in preparation for the competions ahead.
We are amazed at the working ability already been shown by LEONA (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA) who at under 5 months is diving replica watches
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replica watches and already doing the ladders, she is fearless and what makes us even more excited is at the moment she looks like she has the movement and confirmation to make an impact on the show scene too. We sincerly hope she proves us right and is also doing very well at ringcraft lessons.
Chanquete (GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) is getting better at diving and has already taught Leona to dive. Kiko, Neus, Tubo and Vida are having to try even harder to keep ahead of these two very promisimg WORKING AND SHOWING Spanish Water Dogs. Well done to them all.
Tuesday 13th May 2008 07:36:15 pm BY: Nigel
Hazel's Rico (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDAN) gains award 10.4.2008
Rico a Vida and Gordo pup at only 4 months of age has passed his Puppy Foundation Assessment under the KC Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. A very well done to hazel and Rico and we look forward to seeing Rico in the Spanish Wires Flyball team and ALSO in the show ring in the near future.
Tuesday 13th May 2008 07:31:11 pm BY: Nigel
For the fourth year running we attened the Monographic, Spains main breed show of the year. We travelled down with fiends David and Christine Smith from the Leonardston Kennel. With us we took 4 dogs, Julio, Dillileon De Ubrique at LEONARDSTON who did very well with a shorter coat gaining an excellent grading in the Junior class held on the saturday evening. I also showed a dog called Cheto who gained an excellent 5th in the junior class. Then on Sunday Chanquete GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO came FIRST in the Intermediate class. An absolute brilliant result that really suggests Chanquete will do very well in the future in the show ring. Chanquete also goes to prove that show dogs can work as he has great potential to be highly placed in the working tests also this year.
Novita in open class came an excellent 5th from 28 TOP Spanish Dogs and only 5 weeks previous he beat in Zaragoza the dog that won the class!.
Vida also did well but could only concentrate on the working apparatus next to the ring.
We are so happy gaining these incredible results. To top of a incredible weekend, Sheryl and Laura from the USA, Christine, Anay and myself entered the breeders class with kite, Novita, Luna, Choto and Chanquete and the DE UBRIQUE kennel came first, we were all so pleased and proud for Antonio who relentlesly works to promote the breed around the world. Sheryl from the USA also showed Antonio's Kite and Luna and gained a excellent 3rd in open with Kite and won the champions class with Luna. We are so proud to have achieved these results in the homeland of our breed and look forward to campaigning the breed again in Spain very soon. We had a great adventure stopping in a lovely hotel with great friends, food and wine. Can not wait for next year.
Wednesday 09th April 2008 10:28:17 pm BY: NIGEL
We went along to Manchester to support Maura who was attending her first show with Raul (DILLILEONB DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO). We also entered Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO), Chanquete (GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) and VIDA (LEONNEUSG DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO). For support we had Leona (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDA) and Hazel's Rico (VALENTISIMO'S GORDVIDAN) who both behaved impecabley and were admired by many interested people. The results were outstanding and are as follows.
This was a an amazing day where ALL the dogs did incredibly well. It was super to see Maura doing so well on her first outing and we hope she gand Raul gained valuable confidence. May we thank Mr D Smith and Mrs S Sadler for appreciating our lovely breed and we look forward to supporting the Spanish Water Dog at both working and showing events across England and Europe in the future. May we also thank the secretary and stewards of the show for taking time to help and advise Maura on her first outing. It was a pleasure to witness and see genuine people helping others.

Wednesday 09th April 2008 09:44:11 pm BY: NIGEL
I this weekend flew to Algar in Spain to attend, assist and participate in the first ever tests of natural apptidude and acceptable behavior of the Spanish Water Dog. The course was taken by Doctor David Nieto Macein who lives in Sweeden but is Spanish and has lived with Spanish Water Dogs ALL his life and is fully qualified in canine behaviour. He has even studied and lived with the wolves in the mountains around Salamanca in Spain. The course was designed to determine in the future the quality of character for breeding, working with children and suitability of dogs for working with police etc. It was a very in depth course that covered all aspects of canine behavior was enjoyed by all who attended. Lots of very interesting training methods were also learnt and i can not wait to put them into practice and share with anyone who may be interested. May i thank the Spanish Club for inviting me to attend this milestone event. It was also nice to meet up with Jenny's Luccas who is like a different dog and loves nothing better than working and guarding his goats.
Antonio and i also went up to Madrid where Gordo was to participate in a televised competion diving into a 2.5 meter deep pool retrieving sunken objects and all was going fine until the pool was emptied to be cleaned and when it was refilled it developed a leak and the show had to be cancelled. Gordo was a super star and recieved as many cheers from the spectators as Jaun Carlos the compare and Spanish Sex Symbol for the senoritas did!!! This was truely a weekend i will not forget.
Wednesday 09th April 2008 09:21:52 pm BY: NIGEL
It was a honour to attend this show and be judged by Mr Frank Kane who's knowledge of dogs is as good as anybody's in the world of dogs and to our delight Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) won his class and was for the second day running Best of Breed. A dissapointing entry but we had some very good and encoraging comments from Mr Frank Kane. For the second time in 2 days Novita was shortlisted again and yet again flew the flag for the breed in the UK. May we thank everyone involved for an excellent well run show.
Wednesday 09th April 2008 09:13:54 pm BY: NIGEL
Mid -Western Gundog Society 23.2.2008
At Mid-Western Gundog Society Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) had a absolutly fantastic day winning his open class judged by Ian Murray and then going onto win Best Of Breed. We were so proud of Novita who did the breed proud and was on top form. In the finals judged by Kathy Gorman (WALGOREG) we were delighted to be shortlisted and then to our amazement and joy Novita was placed 4th in show. Also in junior class Julio from the Leonardston kennel was placed first. We also entered Chanquete and Novita in the brace class and we came a very credible 3rd. What a day for the breed as we show we can compete with the best dog in the gundog group. Thanks to everyone who gave us some very positive and genuine comment of encouragement. We are so so proud of Novita.
Wednesday 09th April 2008 09:02:42 pm BY: NIGEL
At a very popular show , we entered Chanquete ( GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) and Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO) into the show which had breed class's again. The judge was Elaine Cannon(HIGHFORCE) and in the junior class Chanquete came 2nd and Novita came first in the open class and reserve best of breed. In the variety's judged by Miss Fiona Mckinley (COLONA) Chanquete in PG had a really great result coming 2nd and Novita in Open coming 3rd. May we thank both judges for all the great comments about our breed. The breed is staring to be appreciated as we are seen more at open and championship shows.
Wednesday 09th April 2008 08:53:35 pm BY: NIGEL
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Today at Selby,Kiko who is handled by Jenny recieved his flyball Silver award for reaching 10,000 points. This is a great milestone for Kiko and Jenny who run with the Spanish Wires. Kiko lives for flyball and would run every time if he could.
However the days racing at Selby did not go too well with the Spanish Wires seeded in first place they only won one race and finished next to last in 5th place.
Kiko and Jenny look forward to achieving their next milestone of the Gold award.
Jenny would like to thank all at Livewires for all the support and advice she has been given.
Monday 11th February 2008 05:59:24 pm BY: NIGEL
XXV111 Exposcion International Canina ZARAGOZA 3.2.2008
Novita, Chanquete and i made the very very long trip to Zaragoza, Spain in search of making Novita into a Spanish Champion and gaining an excellent grading for Chanquete. After a long drive of over 2250 miles it was good to meet my good friend Antonio and many friendly faces. This is a major show in Spain because it is one of the few obligatory shows that you have to win a CAC to enable your dog to become a Spanish Champion and the classes are always of a very high standard with many champions also present.
Chanquete did very well in his intermediate class coming EXCELLENT 3rd which is a great result for him and Novita in a very strong class of 17 including Champion Dogs came EXCELLENT 4th, he did not perform on the day because he kept sitting but he had been in his crate for many hours. Every time we moved we got moved up to 1st place but when we stopped he just sat down A great result but today was not Novita's day, the main feature is that we have gained much experience and have more confidence for our next show in the Madrid area where we will do our best to make Novita into a Spanish Show Champion soon.
At the show Chanquete participated with his dad Gordo in a working exhibition on both days which was an honour to be involved with. Thanks to everyone yet again who made it a weekend to remember.
Monday 11th February 2008 05:42:55 pm BY: NIGEL
We have just recieved confirmation from Tracey Harris the Events Co-ordinator at Cruft's that Novita's placing at the Manchester Championship Show in the AVNSC class qualifies him for Crufts 2009. This means that he is the first Spanish Water Dog to qualify through classes at Championship Shows in the UK. We are so looking forward to representing the breed at this major event next year.
Friday 25th January 2008 02:32:18 pm BY: Nigel
NOVITA, GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO had a super day at Manchester Championship Show coming 2nd in an extremly strong OPEN (AVNSC) class and to our amazement was called back into the finals to be given RESERVE BEST DOG which was just the iceing on the cake. Today Novita proved he can hold his head high and compete with the big boys in these very tough any variety classes that we face this year. Well done Novita and we would also like to thank Judge Dr R James for appreciating Novita. Also another Spanish Water Dog went on to win her Open class and Best Bitch as well as bieng placed 2nd in the Champion stakes well done to Sonia Anne Grief and her bitch Zula
Sunday 20th January 2008 04:51:52 pm BY: Nigel
At the second ever open show to have class's for our breed both Novita,Gordneuc De Ubrique Del Valentisimo and Chanquete, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo flew the flag again. Chanquete won the junior class and Novita won the Open class and went on to win Best Of Breed. Reserve Best Of Breed went to Briarlow Marley South Rebel owned by Mr and Mrs Denman who i must say looked super today. Also it was nice to see Spanish Champion Lastar De Ubrique who for at nearly 10 years of age looks brilliant out promoting the breed.
In the Any Variety Stakes Chanquete gained a very creditable 3rd shown for me by Diane Phillipson and Novita got a first in the Any Variety Open Gundog stakes hopefully catching the eye of a few interested people. A great show very well run and we hope to see classes next year at the same venue. Thank you very much to Mrs G Bowers (Marshlands) and Mr M Gadsby (Afterglow) for appreciating our dogs.
Tuesday 15th January 2008 08:23:24 pm BY: NIGEL
The Spanish Wires raced at Sheffield today and were seeded last in Division 2. The team of Kiko, Nina, Ruben, Brisa, Zak who were eagerly watched by super spectator Ricardo, who just can not wait to race! did not have the best of days. They had been seeded last and proved that the seeding selection works by coming last! At least the breed was promoted in a positive way. This weeks moto is the only way is up!
Tuesday 15th January 2008 08:16:07 pm BY: NIGEL
At Dukeries Gundog Club Open Show today (6.1.2008) the Spanish Water Dog had it's first ever classes at an Open show in the UK and we were proud to be part of this special occasion helping to promote our breed in a professional and friendly manner in front of many very interested people.
It was Chanquete's, Gordtari De Ubrique Del Valentisimo's first ever outing and he did the breed proud by winning his junior class and then going on to win Best Of Breed and so was the first ever Spanish Water Dog to compete in the finals for Best in Show in the UK where we did not get short listed. May we just say a big thankyou to Judge Ron Cordwell (RONETTA) for appreciating Chanquete and giving us some very positive comments about his future in the ring. Chanquete is showing so much promise both in the ring and in any working test we ask of him, he is so exciting and enjoyable to own with a super temperament, structure and working ability.
Novita, Gordneuc De Ubrique Del Valentisimo also flew the Valentisimo flag winning the Open Class and was placed Reserve Best Of Breed. May we also thank all the people that passed the many lovely positive comments about the temperaments of all our dogs. What a Day!
Sunday 06th January 2008 07:15:04 pm BY: NIGEL
Gordneuc De Ubrique Del Valentisimo gains another CAC/CACIB in Portugal 16.12.2007
Novita gains his 4th CACIB in Portugal to give him enough wins to become an International Champion. Novita and i traveled to Portugal to compete in the CLUBE PORTUGUES DE CANICULTURA EXPOSICAO CANINA AT BATALHA and he won BOB, EXCELLENT CAC/CACIB which should make him into a true INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION because he has won 2 CACIB's in Cadiz and Murcia, Spain in 2006, he won a CACIB in the Euro Dog Show in Belgium in November 2007 giving him 4 CACIB's in 3 different countries under 4 different judges in a period of more than 1 year and 1 day. The feeling was one i will never forget and i was so nervous in the group 8 finals where unfortunatly we did not get placed on this occasion. This is our next target!!. It was nice to be supported by Antonio and Manolo and Betty cornet and her husband from England. This was a super trip were the 2,500 mile round trip by car and ferry felt like nothing. We look forward to campaigning Novita and the rest of our dogs in the UK and Europe next year where we have made so many new friends.
LKA LADIES KENNEL CLUB, BIRMINGHAM NEC, 12.8.2007. Novita was the only dog we showed in the last class's on the import register and what a strong class it was with 16 entries including many top SWD's in the country and we are pleased to annonce that Novita came 3rd behind a beautiful Italian Bracco and a Podengo but he won all the other Spanish Water Dogs in the Open Class which was just a brilliant way to end the class's on the Imprt Register and which gave us great condidence for our trip to Portugal. Also at LKA another dog that we are so proud to be assosiated with is David and Christine Smiths Julio DILLILEON DE UBRIQUE AT LEONARDSTON, from the highly succesful Leonardston Kennel who won his Junior class and again he gets nothing but very positive comments from people not only in our breed but people from many different breeds. We would like to wish David and Christine all the best for the future with Julio
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Wednesday 26th December 2007 12:12:28 pm BY: Nigel
New Fly Ball Dogs in the Wings 15.12.2007
Rico, Hazel's new pup from Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique Del Valentisimo and Gordo World working Champion 2005, Mokelassog de Ubrique will no doubt be starting his ball retrieving skills in anticiapation to joining the Livewires Flyball team later next year. He is certainly starting to show all the promise we expected from this litter.
Also Raul owned by Maura is starting replica watches
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replica watches training with his team in the Wakefield area and should be in starters soon. We wish Maura and Raul all the best, who we are sure will make Dilita and Leon very proud. Go and show em Raul and Rico!!!
Wednesday 26th December 2007 12:05:30 pm BY: NIGEL
The Spanish Wires of Kiko, Ruben, Nina, Brisa and Zac have had a much better time in their last 2 races racing to second place in both competions against some quality dogs who have raced in Division 1. They had some excellent times and crossovers even resulting in some very positive comments from other teams about our dogs. We are certainly trying our best to show people how good the Spanish Water Dog can be in this at the moment in time a mostly collie dominated sport.
We would like to wish all racers a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Fast new year.
Wednesday 26th December 2007 11:54:03 am BY: NIGEL
Today we have had the full eye tests for glaucoma (gonioscopy) and PRA carried out by Professor P Bedford at the Newark and Notts Sowground on our 3 new dogs namely Novita, GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO, Chanquete, GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO and Rubia, SPANISH CHAMPION UNKLASTDIG DE UBRIQUE and the super news is THEY ALL TESTED CLEAR on ALL TESTS. These super results are great news for the breed in the UK and infact worldwide.
Saturday 24th November 2007 07:37:55 pm BY: Nigel
Novita, GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO had a marvelous day at the Euro Dog Show at Kortrijk in Belgium on Sunday 18 november 2007 winning his Open Class and then went on to winning best dog and gained a excellent CAC/ CACIB. The most pleasing part of his win was that he beat a super dog that had won a number of shows in Belgium this year namely Champion Chiquiten De La Galea. The judge Mr Ewe Fishcer said both dogs were excellent and would win any show around the world but on the day Novita just had the edge. BOB went to Gonnagitcha's Felicia Maxima who only last week won BIS absoloute so is in great form. She went on to be placed 4th in the Group 8 finals. May i just say thankyou to all my new friends in Belgium who made me feel so welcome and at ease. I really enjoyed the experience. Well done Novita.
Monday 19th November 2007 06:40:29 pm BY: NIGEL
Julio, DILILEON DE UBRIQUE AT LEONARDSTON owned by David and Christine Smith from the Leonardston Kennel has just had his hip scores come back from the BVA and they are an excellent 2:3 = Total 5 This result is the lowest in the country to date and every one is thrilled to bits for them. The mother Dilita, Spanish Champion Chavetone De Ubrique has a BVA score of 5:3 TOTAL 8 with clear eyes and the sire Spanish Champion Pontlajac De Ubrique has been hip x rayed in Spain A:A and eye tested clear. Julio is a super addition to the gene pool here in the UK.
Monday 19th November 2007 06:18:45 pm BY: NIGEL
Please keep returning and enjoying our website. We are in the process of adding some great informative new sections with some exciting photos etc. We hope you enjoy reading about the experiences we have had with our dogs.
Friday 16th November 2007 10:34:12 am BY: Nigel
Today at Doncaster 3 Spanish Wires team members recieved milestone awards rewarding all the effort the team members put in. Hazel and Nina and Sarah and Zac the collie recieved their Ice Blue Moon Awards for achieving 20,000 points which is a super achievment and so well deserved. Ben and Ruben also gained their Silver Award for 10,000 points which made Ben feel so proud.
After a well organised practice day with the Livewires the team performed alot better today winning 3 out of 5 races and coming 3rd. Well done to Jenny and Kiko, Hazel and Nina, Sarah and Zac and Ben and Ruben.
Friday 16th November 2007 10:26:59 am BY: NIGEL
11 Consurso De Pastore 13.10.07 (WORLD HERDING CHAMPIONSHIPS) Algar, Spain 2007
I was fortunate enough to attend the second World herding Championships in Algar, Spain again this year with fond memories of Kiko's win last year making him the first ever World Champion Herder!!
This year the event was well attended with more participants and spectators even the national TV channel was present. Again more disipline was needed but most of the dogs did very well indeed. Luccas did very well and we were very pleased with the progress he is making and will be challenging strongly next year.
The results were 1st Diva from the Ubrique kennel (Gordpilic De Ubrique) with 36 points owned by Alberta Caceres and the bitch that won Arcoss in August too, 2nd Julia owned by Manual Morrilla and 3rd Leno owned by Jaun Luis Blanco. Gordo Mokelassog De Ubrique the farther of Novita and Chanquete came 5th only 6 points behind the winner, a very close competion indeed. The setting was again superb at the Finca Maragrita where we had a free flowing bar, Super Paella and lots of friendly happy people, which is only good for the breed. A very big thankyou to Pepe Goat and his friends for offering this beautiful venue.
Monday 15th October 2007 10:12:18 pm BY: NIGEL
The last race together as The Spanish Rapidz 30.9.2007
The Spanish Rapidz current team have raced their last race together today at Sutton Fields and came a poor 5th after a few problems with timing etc but we still managed to get the fastest time of the day in the division!!, Well done to Nina, Kiko, Ruben, Brisa and Zac the collie. Thanks to Hazel for taking alot of effort and time to prepare Pat's and Py, celebration party too.
The current team members of Kiko, Ruben, Nina, Brisa and Zac are moving to the livewires team and will race as the Spanish Wires and so will be part of the second ALL Spanish team to race in the UK as well as bieng members of the first ALL Spanish team to race here in the England. We hope to as always give the collies a run for thier money. The end of an era but the beginning of a new one. Thanks to all.
Tuesday 02nd October 2007 10:50:58 pm BY: nigel
Driffield Agricultural Society Championship Show 23.9.2007
Varon, Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo has had a very good day at Wetherby winning his limit class taking his tally to 7 wins at Championship shows this year meaning he can now only be entered in the open class's and then he came Reserve Best Dog on Import register. This mirrowed his win at the same show last year. Some very nice dogs were present together with some very nice looking pups that hopefully will mature well and do well in the ring next year. Many thanks to Judge Mr Paul Wilkinson for thinking so highly of Varon.
Tuesday 02nd October 2007 10:43:08 pm BY: NIGEL
I again this year attended this Monographic B in Grazalema, Southern Spain where Miss Diane Philipson one of the origional importers of the breed into England was one of the judges along with Don Domingo Chavez (Badajoz). Miss Philipson judged the Bitches and did a very good job ( she is the first English person to judge in a Monographic in Spain) and was warmly welcomed by all present in this wonderfull setting. The show was a resounding success with 81 entries and some rolex replica watches
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replica watches very nice dogs were present. As always the atmosphere was warm and welcoming with smiling faces all over to be seen. The biggest smile was from a proud Doreen Philipson who was so proud to be watching her daughters first judging appointment in the breeds native country. A big congratulations should be given to Guillermo and his delegation for putting on a super show that ran like clockwork right down to the last detail. After the show we had a super meal in the cliffside restaurant and afterwards a working demonstration in the plaza in Grazalema which to everyones amazement was attended by approximatly 750 people. The demo consisted off all the tests of courage i.e ladders etc, search work, diving and retrieving in a pool, memory work and even Miguels dogs freeing his hands and feet by chewing the rope that he had been tied up in. The Spanish Ratineros also demonstrated rat catching. A demo ws also done by the police with a drug sniffing dog that searched a jeep and found packages of concieled drugs. All dogs and owners recieved great applause for all thier efforts. This was a most magnificent day and i for one can not wait for next year. Pictures will be in the gallery shortly.
Friday 21st September 2007 01:01:54 pm BY: NIGEL
Bens new dog Chanquete GORDTARI DE UBRIQUE DEL VALENTISIMO who was born on the 25.08.2007 from Gordo the 2005 Spanish Working Champion Mokelassog De Ubrique and Tarita, Spanish Show Champion Ranchoturcah De Ubrique. Both parents have been health checked in Spain and we will soon be having Chanquete's hips and eyes checked here in England. Chanquete is a male of very good proportions with a lovely corded coat, excellent temprement so so friendly and sunny, super head and a marvellous front with stuinning movement. We will soon have him in the showring in England. What excites us is his speed and total motivation to work, work, work and please anyone. He is so eager to learn. We know Kiko and Vida are fast and fearless but they will have to be carefull because Chanquete promises to be even better. He is a very exciting addition to the Valentisimo kennel and for the breed here in England. A big thankyou to Antonio Garcia Perez for letting him be with us.
Friday 21st September 2007 12:43:15 pm BY: NIGEL
The Spanish Rapidz team of Kiko, Nina, Ruben, Brisa and Zac the collie did not have a brilliant day with a few problems but still managed a 4th place. The handlers Hazel, Jenny, Sarah, Roger and Anne from Livewires all had a great time with loads of laughs, which is what the sport is all about. The fastest time of the day was 20.75 which is quite a way off their best time.
Today, Monday Jenny ran Kiko in the multireed team called the crosswires and with kiko the lead dog with the rest of the team consisting of collies they raced to FIRST position winning some very exciting races. Jenny had a super time and would just like to say a big thank you to Hazel, Roger and co for all the help and encouragement she and Kiko recieve from you all. Until next time!!
Monday 27th August 2007 09:04:19 pm BY: Nigel
We are very pleased to announce that we have 2 new dogs here with us in the UK.
Novita, Gordneuc De Ubrique del Valentisimo who was Spains top winning Spanish water Dog last year with no less than 5 CAC's,2 CACIB's, Many BOB's, Many Group 8 wins and placings and 2 BIS Absolute wins. He is with us to help promote the breed in what is a very important year for the Spanish Water Dog next year. Novita has a wondrfull temprement, working ability and presence in the ring. Novita a smaller male has perfect proportions and we are really excited about getting him into the show ring here in the UK. He only needs 1 more win in the Madrid area for him to become a Spanish Champion and we hope to achieve this in the very near future.
Also we have Rubia, Spanish Champion Unlastdig de Ubrique Del Valentisimo, who is a stunning example with a super temprement and she will also be out and about promoting the breed in the very near future.
Both dogs are a credit to the breed.
Also in the near future we will be bringing over a new male thats working ability is getting us very excited, we will also promote him in the show ring . Keep returning for updates.
We would like to thank Antonio Garcia Perez, his wife Paqui and family for all the help, support and continued advice they are always willing to give about thier breed, The Perro De Agua Espanol. (pictures in the gallery)
Sunday 26th August 2007 03:39:16 pm BY: NIGEl
World Working Championships, Arcos De La Frontera, Spain 2007
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After a very hectic few weeks we are all back in England. The working Championships were agian very exciting with alot more obediance incorporated which caused a little confusion as most competetitors had not been told until the last minute. At least most of us was were in the same boat!! even the judges did not seem to fully understand what was expected but after many friendly conversations the rules for next year will be made available to all well before the championships. However this still did not spoil what was a very friendly, exciting and competative weekend which was spread over 2 days this year to allow for more time. We did not have goat herding and a Monographic B dog show either.
The Spanish had bieng training very hard and a Spanish dog called Gordpilic who was handeled by the super young and enthusiastic handler Jose Caceres came first. It was a lovely site to see his family crying with joy at the excitement of winning. Well done to you all and we will be back next year!
Even though we did not get in the final 3 this year we still came home with 6 trophy's and we had Kiko placed 5th with young Vida placed 7th in the world of which we were delighted.
Vida at 22 months of age is world champion at one of the tests, She came 1st at searching and Neus came 3rd at this task also. So for the searching test we had Vida with myself and Neus with Ben on the podium which was a great proud feeling. Neus third in the world to her daughter as world champion!!
Kiko this year got a third on the water retieve, a third for pulling in the surfboard and 3rd in the fastest retrieve on land and if we had known you get more points for obediance then who knows.
We will be fully prepared for next year. It is still very good to compete in the championships and to be involved in the learning process of the competion.
Thanks to all who made us feel so welcome agian.
Sunday 26th August 2007 02:50:39 pm BY: Nigel
What's happening at the VALENTISIMO kennel
Life is very hectic at the moment as we are training many different disaplins as well as trying to prepare for our trip to the World Working Championships at Arcos De La Frontera in Spain in August this year. We are training every trial of the working tests with 4 dogs, Kiko, Varon, Vida, Neus and also Luccas is brushing up on his goat herding skils as he wants to impress the goat shepherds again this year!!!
VIDA is continuing her gundog training and making excellent progres. Afer watching Kiko at agility she knows exactly what to do and is making rapid progress so kiko will have to start looking over his shoulder!!
KIKO, is brushing up on his water work and memory tests etc and has again taken up Agility and will show the collies just how good the Spanish are later in the year when he starts competing.
VARON who has a heart of gold and the courage of a lion in the water is starting to speed up on the ladders and continues to amaze us with his courage in strong running flooded rivers, just like his dad Gordo. He too just loves agility and will start gundog training when we return from spain. Although never at his best in the show ring due to the attack by the Irish Water Spanial he has continued to win his classes and only needs one more win in Limit Class to mean he can only enter Open Dog classes in the future. He will be shown in Spain and Europe next year.
NEUS, is getting herself fit and at the age of nearly 8 is ready to give all the dogs a good run for there money at Arcos in August

We are really enjoying the dogs and really looking forward to seeing all our friends in Spain in a few weeks.
Friday 13th July 2007 01:03:08 pm BY: NIGEL
The Spaninish Rapidiz team of Nina, Brisa, Kiko, Ruben and Zac the collie moved up to division 3 and were competing with some very fast teams but after a bad start they managed to pull back and came a very creditable 3rd out of 6 teams with a fastest time of 19.92 seconds. All team members present Hazel, Sara, Roger Jenny and Ben had a great friendly days racing and look forward to racing again together in the very near future.
Friday 13th July 2007 12:55:49 pm BY: NIGEL
Blackpool and District Canine Society Championship Show 23/6/2007, Watched By Antonio Garcia Perez
This was a very exciting weekend as we had our good friend Antonio Garcia Perez , the farther of the breed, family and friends stoping with us and attending the show. We again were showing Varon, Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo who although was clearly not really enjoying himself came first in his Limit class, i was overjoyed but just want him to shine in the ring like he does at home and Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique Del Valentisimo came 3rd in Post graduate class. She(Vuheart) just wanted to put her nose to ground today but i was still thrilled for her to get placed. Her working ability just amazes us day by day and we have high hopes for her in the future.
Antonio was pleased to see some nice dogs present and made quite a few peoples day with some lovely comments about thier dogs. thank you Antonio for attending and as always advising us about the breed.
Friday 29th June 2007 05:45:19 pm BY: Nigel
Border Union Agricultural Society Championship Dog Show 17.6.2007
Ben and i took Varon, Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo and Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique Del Valentisimo the long drive to Kelso, Scotland in all the wind and rain but we had a good time and Ben is starting to show an interest in showing as well as working our dogs. Varon came second and was again not his usual bouncy self he still remembers the attack at Malvern last year by the Irish Water Spanial but he must start coming to terms with it and show everybody just how confident he really is. Vida was a little star and came first even with her jumping about like a nutter. I was so proud of her and our breed today who finished on a high.
Friday 29th June 2007 05:38:05 pm BY: NIGEL
Here are the results from Three Counties which was held on the 12th June 2006 where we entered Varon and Vida.
Varon, Gordneub De Ubrique in the Open class came a very creditable 3rd. a strong class and his first Open class Vuheart.
Vida, Leonneusg De Ubrique Del Valentisimo in only her second Champ show also came 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch class. Jenny and i had a very enjoyable day out. Our thanks go to Judge Miss DS Smille.
Friday 29th June 2007 05:32:11 pm BY: NIGEL
Varon and Luccas (and Jenny and i!!) have tonight at Alton, Derbyshire started agility lessons with the excellent teacher Andrew from the Midland Counties Dog Display team. It was a well run enjoyable evening with all the dogs doing very well. Varon and Luccas really enjoyed the experience and can not wait for next weeks lesson. Anyone who lives in the Chesterfield area are more than welcome to train with us all. PLease phone or email for details.
Thursday 07th June 2007 11:52:10 pm BY: NIGEL
Vida has just attended her first Gundog training session organised by the Gundog Club at Cromford in Derbyshire. She did well, gained valuable confidence and looks forward to passing her Gundog Stage 1 in a few weeks time.
Saturday 02nd June 2007 03:09:04 pm BY: Nigel
After a very hectic journey where we along with Antonio Garcia Perez entered Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE) in the CAC/ CACIB show at Talavera De La Reina. Novita was Spains top winning Spanish Water Dog last year who has won 7 CAC's many CACIB's, Best of Spanish breeds and BIS absolute on 2 occasions. To become a Spanish Champion he needed to win his class in Talavera or gain an excellent and then win in the Monographic next year. It was unfortunate that we had to clip his coat 2 weeks previous and because of this we did not win the class but we did get an excellent. For Novita to become a Spanish Champion he has to win in Madrid area or to win at the Monographic now he has an excellent in the Madrid area. We now have more options to achieve our goal. We would as always like to thank Antonio, Paqui ans all our friends in Spain for all the help and advice they share with us about the Perro De Agua Espanol.
Sunday 27th May 2007 03:44:27 pm BY: NIGEL
Well done to the Spanish Rapidz team of Kiko, Nina, Ruben and Zac handled by Jenny, Hazel team captain, Ben and Sara who came first in Division 6. The dogs and handlers had a great day shared by many friends. Thanks to Hazel as always for all the effort and food she gives to the team. The fastest race of the day was an excellent time of 19.3 seconds. Come on you Spanish!!!
Sunday 27th May 2007 03:34:05 pm BY: NIGEL
Flyball Mottram St Andrew 6.5.07
The Spanish Rapidz team of Kiko, Ruben, Nina, Brisa, Zac the collie and Pye the cross came an excellent 2nd today in Division 4. The team were handled by Ben, Jenny, Hazel, Pat and Sara, it really sounds like they had a great and exciting day. Come on you Spanish Rapidz!!
Sunday 06th May 2007 06:29:23 pm BY: NIGEL
Today we have just learnt that Antonio's top stud dogs Leon and Gordo have just been eye tested for Glaucoma and PRA and the results fully match what Antonio had always known. Both dogs have tested CLEAR on both tests. This is really good news as we have here in England Varon and Vida out off Gordo and Leon and they also tested CLEAR.
Friday 04th May 2007 10:28:51 pm BY: NIGEL
MONOGRAPHIC 29 April 2007 Malaga
Just back from a very special adventure where along with Jenny, David and Christine Smith from the Leonardston Kennel we attended the 22nd Monographic held in Malaga, Spain. It was a great adventure that was enjoyed by all and all the dogs that we took down and showed, Varon, Vida and Luci all did very well indeed with Vida coming excellent 3rd in the intermediate bitch class and Varon gaining a grade off excellent out of 45 dogs in a very very strong class of 45, we were so pleased with him as he was one of the youngest in the class at just 2 years old, looking forward to him maturing well over the next year. He was placed in front of his brother Novita who was the top winning Spanish Water Dog in Spain last year.
Luci (Leonluci de Ubrique at Leonardston also did well gaining an excellent grade handled by Christine Smith.
The show this year had a record number of entries 225 and was a great success held indoors and very well run.
We met and made friends with people from all over the world including Holland, Germany, Belgium, Croatia. It was a great event and yet again alot was learnt about our super breed.
The winner was a handsome male off excellent proportions named Coco De La Galea. Looking forward to our next show in Spain later this month
Friday 04th May 2007 10:09:55 pm BY: NIGEL
Monographic B Uterra Spain 25.3.2007
I agian attended the Monographic B in Uterra southern Spain last weekend. It was a super show with 79 Spanish Water Dogs attending and alot was learnt. The judge was Pepe Pinereo who had some help with the childrens class from an English judge and SWD enthusiast Betty Cornet who did an excellent job and was very well appreciated. Some of the classes had 17 entries with alot of very nice examples of the breed present and i showed Kite who won best male, Novita who was given an Excellent and Anay, Antonio's daughter showed Blossom who who Best puppy so we had a great day. In the dinner break we had a working demo which included a 5 month old pup attemting the ladders for the first time and recieving great applause for her super effort. In summary a great day with lots of dogs and many friendly smiling faces. Can not wait to return to Spain in April for the Monographic taking with us Varon, Vida and Kiko.
Tuesday 27th March 2007 08:24:28 pm BY: Nigel
Kiko has just achieved his FDA Flyball Dog Advanced which is 5,000 points and is a very happy Dog indeed. He would just like to thank all the young ladies who handle him for all their help in helping him with his award. So Sara, Faye, Pat, Gill and Dee thanks alot.trx australia
Tuesday 27th March 2007 08:19:44 pm BY: Nigel
Sheffield Flyball 17.3.2007
The Spanish Rapidz team of Kiko, Ruben, Nina, Briza and super collie Zac came first today not loosing a single race, even with Kiko bieng his unpredictable cheeky self. Well done to Hazel, Sara, Faye, Roger and Ben who all had a excellent day and came away very happy team indeed Vuheart.
Sunday 18th March 2007 03:08:11 pm BY: Nigel
This years Monographic will be held in Malaga on the 29.4.2007 and will be well attended by dogs from all over Europe. It will be a great weekend and it would be good to see a strong English contingint present. We will be taking two of our dogs namely Varon and Vida to enter the show and Kiko will come for the ride!. After the show where some of the top dogs in the world will be present there will be a working demonstration by the working team of the Associacion Espanola de Perro de Agua Espanol. Looking forward to seeing many people there.
Sunday 18th March 2007 02:54:52 pm BY: NIGEL
Just returned after a very hectic few days in Southern Spain where i attened the National Show in Seville. At the show there were 52 Spanish Water Dogs of very good quality and with Antonio we took 3 dogs Novita, Blossom, abnd Kite. I first showed Blosom ( PRU DE SIERRA LIBAR) a beautiful white pup who was a handfull as it was her first show but even with my nerves showing came third we were delighted. Then i showed Novita (GORDNEUC DE UBRIQUE) and after what seemed a lifetime beat some excellent dogs to win the class and gained an EXC CAC. This means that Novita has only to win in Madrid or the Monographic to become a Spanish Champion. The feeling was just so good.replica watches
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Antonio them showed his super young prospect Kite (GORDOLUNAC DE UBRIQUE) in the junior males in which he came FIRST and then won a place in the finals where he came 3rd in Spanish breeds (picture in gallery). This was a most incredible experience for me and again i learned a little more about this wonderfull breed.
Tuesday 13th March 2007 07:45:59 pm BY: NIGEL EGGINTON
Latest Show Results for Varon (Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo)
on the 21.1.07 we attended Manchester Champ Show with a clipped Varon, he would not have had a long enough coat to be shown in his Native Spain where the standard there says the coat has to be at least 3cm long to show the cords but unfortunatly the lenghth of coat is not mentioned in the standard in this country, but he still managed a credible 3rd. There were some very nice dogs at the show which was pleasing to see.
Yesterday we attended thee Newark and District Canine Society Open Show which was well attended and well organised and Varon did well winning his Post Graduate class and then really pleasing us by winning Best Any Variety Import Register. We had a great day and met some lovely people. More news from Flyball next week
Sunday 11th February 2007 07:18:04 pm BY: Nigel (Site Upgraded)
Due to the popularity on this site we have now upgraded servers to allow for better service. Many thanks Computer Paul (Spanish Water Dog) Webmaster
Wednesday 07th February 2007 09:45:24 am BY: Webmaster
Kiko Del Valentisimo and Ruben Del Valentisimo Gain More Flyball Awards 3.12.06
At Doncaster after a very dissapointing days racing with no wins but a fastest time of 20.27 Kiko, Ruben and Saras collie Zac all recieved their latest awards.
1. Zac and Sarah achieved their Flyball Gold award (15,000 points)
2. Ruben Del Valentisimo and Ben achieved his Flyball Dog Advanced Award (5,000 points)
3, Kiko Del Valentisimo and Gill/Sara/Pat achieved his Flyball Intermediate Award (3,000 points).
Well Done to all concerned for all your effort and commitment.
Monday 04th December 2006 12:53:28 pm BY: NIGEL
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Varons brother Novita hsa had another tremendos weekend at Murcia, Spain winning CAC, CACIB and BOB and gaining more points towards his Championship. Kite also won best pup again. What a weekend for the UBRIQUE kennel.
Wednesday 29th November 2006 04:07:00 pm BY: Nigel
Novita Wins Again at Jerez 19.11.06
Novita, Varon's brother has done well at Jerez International Dog Show in Sothern Spain where with competion from 55 Spainish Water Dogs entered he won Exc 1st, CAC, CACIB and BEST In Breed and 3rd in Spanish Breeds. This was a really super result in one of Spains most prestigios shows and he was handled by Antonio's daughter Anay who dids a wonderful job.Replique montre rolex |
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Tuesday 21st November 2006 02:33:03 am BY: NIGEL
Just arrived back from a long trip to Edinburgh where we entered 'Varon' Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valantisimo in the Limit class in which he came first. We were all delighted for him and the breed rolex replica watches
rolex replica watches
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replica watches. Their was some very nice examples of the Spanish Water Dog present in all classes.
looking forward to our next outing
Sunday 12th November 2006 06:57:05 am BY: NIGEL
Antonio Garcia Perez has today just had one of his bitches namely RANCHOLOCAD DE UBRIQUE (LUNA) made up into a Spanish Champion and one of his pups won Best of Breed Puppy. Well done.ray ban titanium
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Sunday 05th November 2006 08:21:39 am BY: Nigel
Yorkshire Gundog Club Open Show 29.10.06
Varon, Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo has had a good day at Huddersfield winning the replica horloges Open Class and winning Best Import. Choco, Hihorg De Ubrique handled by Gill Frost from the Maravilla Kennel came 3rd and performed very well.
It was a very busy day with lots of dogs and people and Varon handled the situation very well forgeting about his attack the other week at Welsh Gundog Champ Show.
Over in Spain at a CC Show in Malaga Antonio has also had a great day with Novita (Varons brother) winning best Intermediate Dog, Luna winning Best replica rolex Female and Kite winning Best pup. A brilliant day for the Perro De Agua Espanol
Sunday 29th October 2006 11:34:16 am BY: Nigel
Midland Counties Canine Society Championship Dog Show 26.10.06
Varon,nike free run
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Gordneub de Ubrique Del Valentisimo has had another good day winning his Post Graduate Dog Class. He was nearly back to his usual happy self after the shock of bieng attacked by an Irish water spanial at Wales Gundog show just before we entered the ring last week. Looking forward to our next outing.
Thursday 26th October 2006 08:27:20 am BY: Nigel
Happy Birthday
Today 26/10/06 Vida, Ted, Missey, Boris, Jago and Ravens 1st birthday. Time passes so quick and Vida has given us great pleasure this year and replica watches
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replica watches surprised us with her working ability etc. looking forward to another exciting year
Thursday 26th October 2006 08:18:29 am BY: Nigel
After a very exciting day racing in Division 1 eventually coming 4th and winning 3 out of 5 races and very nearly coming first but for losing the final race 3/2. Racing were kiko, Nina, Pye, Zac, Ruben and for the second time the Spanish Rapidz got a sub 20 second time of 19.97 with excellent work from all the dogs concerned. WELL DONE.Replique montre rolex |
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Sunday 22nd October 2006 12:33:01 pm BY: NIGEL
Driffield Championship Show 2.10.06
The show was held at the new venue of Wetherby Race Course in Yorkshire and i thought the venue was fifa 15 coins|
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We entered Varon Gordneub De Ubrique Del Valentisimo in the Junior dog class for his and my first show we were very nervous but we won the class beating a Italian Bracco, The feeling was brilliant.
We then went through to the Best Dog on import register and came second we were so happy.
Thanks to everyone who has helped and given us advice on showing and we are now looking forward to our next show.
Saturday 07th October 2006 06:34:15 am BY: Nigel
Grazalema in Spain Monogrphica B 24.9.06
I again attended this show and working demonstration held in the very beautiful town of Grazalema, Cadiz southern Spain. The show was very well attended with 71 dogs involved and was once again a great success with children and OAP's competing.. The whole day is one very friendly experience with some excellent dogs to be seen. There were working demos from the Spanish Water dogs and also a working demo from the rating dogs just like our Jack russells. All the people attending had smiles on thier faces the whole day.. After the show everyone enjoyed a lovely meal in the nearby restaurant.
As always i learned alot about the breed and was made to feel very welcome.
Saturday 07th October 2006 06:25:58 am BY: NIGEL
Tatton Park 26.8. 06.
Spanish Rapidz team of Kiko, Perdi, Ruben, Nina came fourth with a fastest time of 20.37.
Sheffield 3.9.06.
Spanish Rapidz team of kiko, Perdi, Ruben, Nina again came 4th with a fastest time of 20.38.
Sutton Fields,
Spanish Rapidz with a little help fron Sarah and her collie Zac 4th again Kiko, Zac, Ruben, Nina and with a fastest time of 20.50.
Mottram St Andrew, Oct 06.
Spanish Rapidz with again a little help from Zac the collie, Kiko, Zac, Ruben, Nina came 4th but got a sub 20 second time of 19.90 WELL DONE ALL!!!.
Choldmonley Castle 7.10.06.
Spanish Rapidz came 3rd again with Zac the collie helping, Kiko, Zac, Ruben, Nina, also helping Pye and Rosie. They came 4th with a fastest time of 20.38.
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I would just like to say well done to everyone involved and it was a great team effort from all the dogs and handlers.
A sprecial mention must go to Roger and his Brisa for racing in starters and doing so well keep it up you two and i am sure you will soon be running with the others. Brilliant.
Saturday 07th October 2006 06:09:19 am BY: NIGEL
Today 17.09.2006 Antonio Garcia Perez has a new Spanish Champion namely SPANISH CHAMPION PONTLAJAC DE UBRIQUE who at Vigo in Galcia, Northern Spain won CAC, CACIB, and Best Of Breed to get his final points to become a Spanish Champion. Leon (his pet name) is the white coloured male featured in many pictures in our gallery and is the farther of our little white super worker Vida, Leonneusg de Ubrique Del Valentisimo and Pat and Gill's Ted from the Maravilla kennell. We are thilled to hear this excellent news, well done Antonio and Leon.
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Sunday 17th September 2006 11:05:43 am BY: Nigel
We believe that we are in the first ever ALL Spanish flyball team, the Spanish Rapidz, we were swissreplica watches
the first English dogs to enter the World Working Championships in Spain and we have Kiko the first dog ever to win the World Championship herding test
Saturday 19th August 2006 04:52:51 am BY: Nigel
We have just returned from a very hectic time in Spain where we took 6 dogs to enter the World Championship Working and for the first time herding tests in Arcos De La Frontera and Algar in Southern Spain.breitling replica watches We were lucky enough to stop with Antonio Garcia Perez and his family in Ubrique were we the dogs lived around the pool with there Spanish Friends. We had a very intensive time training most days in all of the working tests and even canoeing in the lake where Kiko and Varon swam out at least 100 yards to climb into the canoes with us. We even went on a river walk were Ruben joined us with Ben swimming for hours and encountering rapids etc.
At Arcos we had a very succesful day in blistering heat the results are.

OVERHALL 3rd in World working tests
1st (World Champion on the ladders and test of courage)
2nd In the diving tests,
3rd in water retrieve,
3rd in the rampa.

We were so pleased for him he did his best as always and all the water training with the help of Gill Frost and Pat Booth from the Maravilla Kennel certainly paid off. A very big thankyou to both of you. The working championship had it's highest ever number of contenders this year.
The next day at Algar it was the first ever World Herding Championship purley to test the natural herding ability of the dogs and to our delight the results were
1st and the 1st ever World Champion Herder KIKO DEL VALENTISIMO
3rd Jenny and her Luccas the super little black herder who really loved the goats more than anything even the shepherds wanted him to stay in Spain.

In the Monographic B Show i entered Varon, Gordneusb De Ubrique Del Valentisimo in the Open Junior and he came second to his brother Novita who has won at all major shows in Spain. We also won the best breeders group with Gordo and his 2 sons Varon and Novita.

All in all we won 9 trophys and shared one a most incredible time was had by all and i am so proud off all the dogs. Can not wait for next year!!!!
Saturday 19th August 2006 04:27:15 am BY: Nigel
Dilita and Neus Health Results
We have just had confirmation that fully corroborates the Spanish hip X rays of Dilita and Neus. They also both tested clear on their eye examinations.
1. Dilita, Spanish Champion Chavetone De Ubrique.
BVA Hip Score 5:3 Total 8
Eye Test, CLEAR.
2. Neus, Barnalia Del Marismeno, placed 3rd in 2004 World Championship working tests.
BVA 4:5 Total 9

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As intended these 2 two excellent working and showing examples can only benefit the gene pool here in the UK.
Friday 21st July 2006 03:20:49 pm BY: NIGEL
Varon, Vida, Kiko and the Gang
It is now 6 months since Varon came out of quarantine and it has been a very busy time training him in all the aspects of life etc. He now excells at every thing that we ask of him. We have trained him at Water work (his favorite)Search work, The spanish working tests, herding, Agility and ringcraft and we feel now ready to start showing him in the ring. Vida who is now approaching 9 months is learning by watching kiko,Neus and Dilita and is showing very good promise for such a young age she is even giving Kiko a run for his money on the ladders!!!!! how dare she !replicas de relojes
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She even herded 30 young heffers the other night after only 1 lesson from Neus and Kiko.
Saturday 15th July 2006 11:32:40 am BY: Nigel
During the next few weeks the website will be slightly modified with the addition of new sections to show the versatily of the Perro De Agua Espanol.replica watches
Keep returning!!
Saturday 15th July 2006 02:33:28 am BY: Nigel
Monographic In Aguillar De Campoo, North of Spain 9.7.06
Having just returned from a very hectic and enjoyable visit to Spain with 5 friends please find listed the results from the show. Again alot was learnt and it was nice to see so many nice examples of the breed on show. We were all made so welcome and it was a pleasure to see friends from all around the world again. A great time was had by all in the very beautiful mountain town of Aguillar De Campoo. Next year we hope to have some entries of our own.
Best in Show
Reserve in show Bob De Valderperales
Abierta Hembras
1.Open Bitch Rancholocad De Ubrique
2.Jara De Los Turcos De Parapanda
3.Ira De Valneborio.
4.Rocio De Laseles.
Open Dog, Abierta Machos
1.Bob De Valderperales
2.Coco De La Galea
3.Dalton Del Llabanazu
4Mingo De La Galea.
Clase Jovenes Machos Puppy Dog
1. Morfeo De Valneboeiro
2. Gordoneuc De Ubrique (Novita)
3. Fandy.
Vetranos Macho,
1.Multi Champion CHETO
2. Rabiche Del Marismeno
Clase Champones Macho.
1. Ch Bere De J. Marcelia.
2. Ch Hercules De Sierra Alhamilla
3. Ch Brandy De Gadoivar.
Cachorros Hembras
1. Eowin
2. Nacha De Valneboeiro
3. Diana De Lomillas De Canca
Cachorros Machos
1. Nono De Valneboeiro
2. Norton.
3. Bigorra De Morruo.
Best Kennel
1. De ubrique

After the show their was an excellent working and obedience demonstration that was very well recieved by a very appreciative audience.
The heat was excessive and hindered a few dogs with Antonio's Luna unable to be at her best after an hour in the ring winning her open class but just could not perform enough because of the heat and tiredness to win Best Bitch and go through to Best In Show. She had to go straight into the river to cool off !! Photos are in the Gallery.

Friday 14th July 2006 03:58:26 pm BY: Nigel
Today at Moreton Morrell the ALL SPANISH PAPIDZ team of KIKO, PERDI, RUBEN and NINA came a very credible 3rd in temperatures of 30 degrees with a super fastest time off 20.83 seconds. Kiko handled by Pat and Sarah was presented with his Intermediate Flyball Award and NINA handled by trx for sale

Hazel was presented with her silver award. A BIG congratulations to everyone concernedtrx australia
Saturday 01st July 2006 03:20:51 pm BY: NIGEL
A brilliant day for THE ALL SPANISH, SPANISH RAPIDZ flyball team of Kiko, Perdi, Ruben and Nina who came first today without loosing a single race with a best time of 20.59 and improving all the time. They are really trying to get sub 20.00 which i am sure will not be too far away. Well done to all.Replique montre rolex |
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Saturday 03rd June 2006 04:54:08 pm BY: NIGEL
Bark in the Park Fly Ball Demo and Fun Show
On a very wet day at Croxteth, Liverpool the Spanish Rapidz gave an ALL SPANISH flyball demo that was well recieved by the very wet penny boards
The Spanish perros were Kiko, Ruben, Maravilla's Perdi and Hazels Nina as anchoer dog. Gills Rama did a starters demo and then our friends the collies joined in with Osszy,Jeep and Chiquita. Jenny's Luccas watched eagerly with Rosie and Choco. In the fun show afterwards Hazels Ella came second in Vetrans and my Kiko did me proud and came first in The Dog with Best Trick section. It was also a good social outing for all the other pups, Vida, Varon, pasácherátrx
Chola,Brisa,Letigo and Ted who did the breed proud today. Thanks to all who attended.
Sunday 21st May 2006 12:50:51 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
1st Whittington Scout Companion Dog Show 6.5.2006
Today we have attended our first dog show. A companion dog show very well attended and judged by Robert Hitchcock. We thought both ourselves and the dogs Vida, Varon and Dilita would benefit from the practice replica watches uk
replica watches uk
replica watches uk. We were delighted with the results and feel we are ready to start showing around the country having gained valuable confidence and experience.
VIDA, AV Puppy 5th place. Handled by Nigel
Varon, 2nd AV Junior, 2nd AV Open. Handled by Nigel
Delita, Best Pedigree Vetran and Best AV Vetran handled by Jenny
We are looking forward to our next show.
Sunday 07th May 2006 12:58:11 pm BY: NIGEL EGGINTON
Kiko Gains Flyball Dog Award
Kiko handeled by Pat Booth (Maravilla) gained his Flyball Dog Award today 1.5.06 at Higher House Farm, Mottram St Andrew. Many thanks to the Spanish Rapidz for all your help.replicas de relojes
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rolex replica watches I am so proud.
Monday 01st May 2006 04:23:11 pm BY: Nigel Egginton
Today at Ryecfoft Farm in Manchester Ben and Ruben gained thier intermediate certificate for 1000 points which he achieved last year and is now heading for his next milestone award, Well done to both. Also Perdi owned by Gill frost and Hazel with Nina all gained individual awards from the BFA. Well done.replica watches
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Monday 17th April 2006 09:55:12 am BY: NIGEL
A few weeks ago Gill Frost from the Maravilla kennel and myself took 6 of our dogs Varon, Vida, Dilita, Choco, Chola, and Letigo to Proffesor Bedford's surgery for thier eye tests both for Predisposition to Glaucoma and the PRA test and we are delighted to share the news that they all tested CLEAR. This can only be excellent news for the breed in this country. As the website rolex replica watches
rolex replica watches
rolex replica watches states we only breed from dogs with NO pre disposition to Glaucoma.
Monday 17th April 2006 09:28:02 am BY: Nigel
cheap nike air maxWe have had an exciting day today with the Rapidz Response coming second with the help Hazels Nina. Quite a few Spanish were present and competed all gaining valuable experience for dogs and owners i personally really enjoyed myself. It was the first opportunity to get Varon, Gills Chola and Dilita together with Neus and her pups Vida and Pats Teddy out into the big wide world replica watches uk
replica watches uk
replica watches uk and we would just like to thank everyone who made loads of positive comments about how well, settled and happy they all looked. They just took everything in thier stride and were great advocats for the breed we were so proud of them all. Another positive about today was that Kiko and Ruben ran in the same team and did really well. kiko and i have caught the Flyball bug. A big weell done to Rosie and Gill for recieving Rosie's ICE BLUE MOON and we hope Riz is soon up and flyballing again after his injury and it was also good to see Cote running again.

Another big positive was seeing Bramble and Mori of the Gofours team running so well, handled by Kaye and Shaun. Look forward to seeing you all over summer. This can only be good for the breed, the public seeing them competing well at these events. On a lighter note Craig sorry giacche online monclerpiumini outlet onlineNike Air Max 90 outletyour attempt to kidnap Custy, rama's son (Maravilla) failed and he will soon be the first Perro De Agua on Jersey.

Sunday 15th January 2006 01:48:45 pm BY: Nigel

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