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Please find within our gallery pictures of our experiences with our dogs and friends.

Ranchito y Dimy

Working Section

electric folding bike

KIko having quad driving lessons


Vida learning the ladders

Varon, Kiko and Vida having a little rest

Varon is so eager to please

Ben and Ruben at Ryecroft farm, Picture by Hazel

Leon in the Atlantic

Leon y Turka in the Atlantic April 2006

Elliot Norman winning Best Open Bitch with Pebbles Villa Martin 2006

Novita Varon y Chola brother owned by Antonio

Brisa (Gill Frosts) Choco's daughter super worker

Shepherd and Turko in his new home

The Shepherds son and Turko ready for work

Dilita after winning her BEST VETRAN Class

Vida after her first show 6.5.06

Varon after his succesfull first show 6.5.2006

Ted (Maravilla) Neus's son starting his water training, great promise for a young age

Kiko fast asleep after a hard days Fly Balling on Gill's sofa

Luna Rancholocad De Ubrique

Bob De Valdeperales

Ubrique Winning Kennel 2006 Monographic

Kennel Picture

Antonio winning Open Bitch with Rancholocad De Ubrique (Luna) Monographic 2006

Best Puppy Monographic 2006

Novita Varon y Cholas brother coming 2nd handled by Anai Monographic 2006

BEST IN SHOW Monographic 2006

The winning Camp very happy indeed

The 4 muskateers Kiko, Neus, Vida and Varon

Ben with Kiko and Varon

The Church and Plaza in Aguillar De Campoo

Spanish Multi Champion Cheto

Antonio's Leon, Luna and Negra watching Novita and Antonio doing a demo

Luna Showing off her many tricks

Leon our Vida's dad demonstrating his wide and varied working ability

Varon after his successful debut at Driffield Champ Show

Ben and Nigel in lake training dogs etc

Jenny, Ben and some dogs on our way to Arcoss in Spain

Varon with the one and only Torito in the pool at Antonios

Kiko in the water retrieve at Arcoss 2006

Ben with Neus towing in the surfboard Arcoss 2006

The ladders etc set up at Arcoss, Spain 2006

Ben with Neus starting the ladders Arcoss 2006

Kiko and Luccas recieving thier cup for 1st and 3rd in the first ever word herding championships Spa

Varon, Gordo and Novita Best Breeding Group Arcoss 2006

Varon, Kiko and Luccas showing off thier trophys from arcoss 2006

Arcoss 2006

Grazalema Monographic B 2006

Lucy and Havier Working Demo Grazalema 2006

Jenny and Luccas herding Arcoss 2006

Leon Vidas dad Arcoss 2006

Jenny and Luccas Arcoss 2006

Herding at Algar 2006

Kiko Arcoss 2006

Back drop view at Grazalema

Varon after Driffield Champ Show Oct 2006

In the lake at Ubrique 2006

Getting ready to eat at Arcoss 2006

Varon at Algar 2006

Kite 3rd Spanish Breeds Seville 2007

Novita in Spain 2007 Best Male Seville 2007


Christine and Luci (LEONARDSTON KENNEL)

BIS Monographic 2oo7 Coco de la Galea

Vida standing for the judge

Varon waiting to be gone over Malaga 2007

Vida Malaga 2007 on the winners stand, what a feeling!

Vida with the traditional pastaural cut Malaga 2007

Vida in 3rd place on the stand

Kiko and Vida at the Monographic Malaga 29.4.2007


Novita in Northern Spain May 2008 just before he became a CHAMPION

Vida, Leona and Tuvo July 2008 searching in the ivy on a 2 meter wall

Coca La Galea, Winner 2008 Monographic

Ben, Kiko and Ruben July 2008

LEONA learning the ladders at 5 months old (2008)

Sheryl and friends from the USA and Canada, Monographic 2008

Antonio and Cotos Talavera, Madrid, May 2008

Leona, Tuvo and Vida July 2008

LEONA after her first clip, July 2008

Cheeky Leona July 2008

Chanquete Climbing the ladders April 2008

Chanquete climbing even higher!! 2008

Vida with Bartollo in Spain Oct 2007

Grazalema Sept 2007

Vida on the left with GORDO (center) the farther of Leona Sept 2007

The many spectators watching the working demo at Grazalema 2007

Police demonstrating how Spanish Water Dogs work as drug dogs in Spain at Grazalema 2007

In the lakes around Ubrique with the dogs 2(008)

Paco, Group 4 Windsor 2011

Paco Group 4 Windsor 2011

Paco, In the finals Tvaaker International show 2011


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